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  1. If this comes to pass, I will be sickened. I have already booked my flights for the euro match in Perth. I will happily not waste my precious days off, and forfeit these flight if Mr Brown or STJFC are shown to be in any way complicit with this. I dont get over enough to justify a season ticket, but was half heartedly contemplating buying one on the back of the "NO to Newco" announcement, to support the club. Glad I didnt bother....
  2. Dear Mr Doncaster, Please explain to me how it is possible to relegate a club/team from a division or league it does not play in? Yours sincerely, The life blood of Scottish football.
  3. Dear Mr Brown. Integrity (sporting and otherwise) can not be bought. It would appear that it can be sold quite cheaply. Do the right thing.
  4. For fricks sake, i wasnt aware off that. Now my blood is really boiling. Does this carry if rangers are officially liquidated on Thursday? Surely in the event of this, a.n.other should be entered? Any way, wiki as a source of signed players?
  5. as in, you would rather have kept Parkin than say... Sandaza?
  6. I am reading it as media mouthpieces for Rangers and Dumb&Dumber are suggesting HMRC would be happy with this. As with everything else around this whole disgrace, I will believe it when it happens.
  7. me too, hope it coincides with euro game....
  8. No, Rangers would only have points deducted if they did not fulfill fixtures. This I believe is about a newco applying for a license for the SPL next season. Personally I believe this should be denied, for many reasons. Dunfermline still finished bottom and will be relegated. Dundee finished runners up, so would be in line to take a vacant spot in the SPL. Dunfermline would only have stayed up if rangers folded before seasons end.
  9. how come? He is 100% correct.
  10. Thanks, Stevensan. Essentially what I have supposed all along, just havent bothered working out the sums. Figures are essentially guess work, but the exact shakedown is irrelevant/unknowable. The important part is that clubs survive in the first div on enforced reductions to revenue, why cant they do like wise at the top table, for all the reasons listed in your blog? Keep up the good work. COYS (& FTOF)
  11. I try to tell my self to ignore the trolls, but this guy has some merit, in the purely comedic sense. As if Alf Garnett was able to work a computer.....
  12. In fairness, he was a panic signing when it seemed we were missing out on sheridan, then along came haber and sandaza. Good luck Carl.
  13. At the moment, davidson.
  14. stand up, blah blah blah... much rather a few meaningful game against the coagies the the currant buns...