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  1. I'm looking for a ticket for the Scotland away game versus Malta. They're sold out through the SFA & I didn't have enough points. Cheers in advance.
  2. Steven McLean will be a....... LEGEND end of
  3. I agree. Not seen anything that would make us want to keep him. Very dubious positioning on Wednesday night, kept drifting into centre defence & leaving Spoony with two to mark. Only positive was first time seeing him hit a shot, some powered on them & they just drifted over the bar with keeper flapping.
  4. was he the other trialist playing today?
  5. Daniel Jardine from Middlesbrough, anyone heard anything?
  6. Sorry, 3 players arriving for saints to have a wee look at!
  7. Couple of out of contract players arriving at saints this weekend. Don't know who they are yet though
  8. Josu will be back on Monday.That is straight from the horses mouth.
  9. Josu will be back, maybe Sunday & sign a deal Mon. You heard it hear first.
  10. Josué Currais Prieto - is the player here for trial/loan. He played with Barca then Espanyol then a few smaller teams and is/was currently at Kerala Blasters in India. 22 year old midfielder.
  11. Has anyone else heard about a Barcelona player coming to saints this week either for weeks trial or a loan deal. Heard from someone today the player was here with his Finnish agent.