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  1. is anyone booked on the 9.30 am flights coming back from trondheim to oslo gardenomoen on the friday. i am looking for 4 or 5 people to share a taxi to go from gardenoemon to torp on the 19th at 11am. this might save people a few pounds pm me. this might help anyone that is booked on the teatime ryan air flights back to liverpool. thanks if anyone is still looking i got ryan air liverpool to oslo torp on wed at 07.55 then oslo torp to trondheim £ryan air £98 back trondheim to oslo gardenomen oslo torp to liverpool at 16.20 whole trip cost £200 booked yesterday.
  2. right guys i think the club are still doing the walk up and pay instalement option for season tickets like they did last season. you suggest to the club what you would like to pay in instalements for season tickets and they will tell you if they are happy to accept it. i paid mine over 4 payments last year and i hope to do same this year, i paid mine like below. £80 deposit followed by £80 august £100 sept £45 oct you pay slightly extra for the privelidge and they will accept 6 payments for it. i urge anyone that cant get the finance through zera to use this option because you save a fortune on the pay at gate prices. o and btw this option is actually cheaper than zebra finance you save £10. .
  3. i bought 2 season tickets last yr for the first time in 10 years to reward saints commitment to the fans wishes but i had to scrimp to buy them
  4. i bet if people could afford it then crowds at mcd would double unfortunately people cant afford it. nothing to do with staying away.
  5. the thing is how many less fans would they have had if rangers had been voted to stay in the spl. the government are squeezing people to the bone. unfortunately people cant afford to go to the games plus the number of games again this year not on a sat will not help season ticket sales next yr.
  6. were is everyone going come to the 208 for a sing song make a change to hear saints songs compared to the old firm taking it over
  7. the muirton suite is open at 11am and the 208 and tulloch are open at 11. you can buy pints at 11am in a pub on a sunday
  8. they are sayin that had the league chnged more money would have been spread from the sfa down through each team rather than current format it would have been changed so it was fairier. they are forgetting one thing the fans dont want it and have made it clear that if this takes affect people wont buy season tickets etc. so how are the club going to manage with less revenue. another thing is most people have said they want a bigger league so should they not listen to us the customer rather than there own ideas. people are fed up with 4 games a season against the same teams hence why they want a bigger league. i want a bigger league.
  9. reconstruction has been blocked and you should hear milne (afc) he was almost crying on the tv. he says why should st mirren stop the rest of the league progressing. the fans dont want milne get a grip thats why st mirren voted against. 80% of fans dont want this change they want a bigger league.
  10. totall totally agree I have been to more games but only due to very kind mum of mine babysittin. but sundays spoil it because i have to drive to uni early on monday morning. so that rules out more than 2 pints. We have had 3 sat home games from 1 jan - 18 may shockin. So i dnt know if i will renew.
  11. I was in the same boat but i decided to go without other luxuries for the football and i bought 2 season tickets but i think 3 saturday home games in 2013 is pretty shocking. the new league structure will not bring fans back. imsure most ppl woulld buy season tickets for the football to go on saturdays not every other night of the week. i think the footbal authorities are out of touch with the fans and need to resign and get new pplin that have a clue.
  12. ghostie i understand what u r saying these plans though will kill the game in scotland no body wants them this is nt going to get more ppl bck into the stadium
  13. ghostie to be fair, i have backed the club to the tune of £445 and my auntie bought season tickets this yr as well i didnt have season tickets last year but we chose to help the club and buy season tickets after the rangers saga. i also dnt blame ppl for not being able to back the club when u buy a season ticket for saturday games and by the inverness game in april we will hae had 3 saturday home games in 2013. we are also in a recession where ppl have to choose between going to the football and putting food n the table. The price of scottish football as a whole is substancially overpriced. we also have security staff who through ppl out for sneezing the wrong way. the attendances are poor yes but how much of that has to do with midweek games.
  14. unfortuntaley this all about the financial aspect that the club is worried about. well if less people go to the games because they dnt want the format. then less money through the gates.
  15. well well well, another season is nearly over and a possibly a new league being formed but still the sfa and the clubs are not listening to fans. i have yet to hear anyone say that they are happy with 12-12-18 playing some teams 4 times a season. if ur in the top 8 ull play everyone 4 word garbage. the same format with a slight difference. it not changing the fact we play teams four time, most ppl i have spoken to and listened to on the radio wish for a bigger league with playing teams twice a season, home and away once. 16 doesnt work because because its only 15 games home games, so i say two league of 20 and a super league below that feeds top junior teams like tayport, auchinleck, pollock into the league. the reason they wont go for this is because they think theyll be too many meaningless games well newsflash guys we can have ust as many meaningless games in the present format especially after the league splits. this must be first season where it has not been the case. I will tell all the spl clubs one thing changing the format to 12-12-18 will not bring the fans back. especially when most fans dont want it, its more likely to drive fans away. all this idea is doing is nailing more nails into the already dieing brand that is scottish football.