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  1. Lomas out! Dasovic in! knows all about the club, currently working as Canada U20 coach and was desperate for the job after Del left. Perfect replacement imo. Yesterdays tactics were shocking, Mannus playing up front wouldn't have surprised me in the slightest the way he had the team set up! Next two games are must win or he must go!
  2. One person will make no difference hence why i posted on here to find out the opinions of others
  3. Thank you! The stewards were the ones who caused the problems on Saturday. They complain about it being health and safety related, so if that is the case then the should be more pro active about everyone.
  4. i disagree. The first person who was told to sit was simply checking his phone and when told to sit he disputed that the away fans were allowed to stand for 90 minutes yet he wasnt allowed to look at his phone! So before you tar us all with the same brush take a good look at the people around you
  5. This has been an issue for a long time now and myself and many others now feel something needs to be done. For a large period of the second half yesterday several fans in front of me were involved in a heated dispute with the stewards for standing up. Why is it the away supporters can stand for as long as they like without being told to sit down yet if we stand up for longer that 20 seconds we are forced to be seated? As i pointed out yesterday to one of the stewards i'm sure we would all sit down happily for the full match if the away support were told to do the same but week in week out we are picked on while the away fans stand with out notice. Any thoughts on this?
  6. what a song to come out to at the start of a game:laugh:
  7. Everyone get a morphsuit ( ive already got mine
  8. I'll be there:D. Cheer on the lads with a big support on the last away outing of what's been a fantastic season for the club:D. Let's make sure we finish 7th and bring on accies last game of the season:wink:
  9. Still brings back the goosebumps watching that again
  11. Crieff_Saint

    Soccer AM

    Nice wee gag bout a minger fae dundee on it too:laugh:
  12. 2 goals more than deuchar:laugh: