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  1. Mom Steve Carr ~ outstanding tonight! I should be ok for next week Gav. Flipping boots gave my a blister...... I hate blisters!
  2. Brown- I'm not convinced although I'd be willing to give him a chance. Keep Muzz - just doesn't fill me with confidence. It's like he's not even over his injuries! Get rid Lappin - has been disappointing and I reckon he is a big earner but he has shown on limited occasions what he can do. Get rid Crofty - has been disappointing too but I think he's getting better. I reckon he'll be a big earner too. Keep Caddis - I just don't see what he brings to the team. I'd get him off the payroll. Get rid Gary Miller - I think he'll be away this window. It's shown by the way TW has used him, giving him appearance bonus with 3 minute cameo appearances. Get rid. Graham - Not done enough for me but unless we have another option, I would consider signing him as a squad player. Keep McFadden - Dunno about him. It's all about value. A pay as you play contract would be beneficial to us because I can see the class he has. Keep At the end of the day, we are not gonna get any superstars on the wages we pay. As Saints fans, we can accept that but it's nice to find a little gem now and again. As for James Dunne, he's played nearly every game in the league for Portsmouth so I doubt we'd get him back but I would also have him back.. in a heartbeat!
  3. Highland Saintee - What a ridiculous post. Why would you want little thugs like that at Saints anyway? They weren't bothered about the football. All they wanted to do was get noticed. They've cost the club hundreds of pounds again. Probably more than the wee pric#s pay for entry. As for G4S, they're not great. We all know that but it could be much worse, look at the grief at Pitoddrie again. Just a joke! But "pervy", really?
  4. Only one word to describe Saints yesterday. It ends in ITE and starts with SH. The sooner the lads get a break and regroup, the better. It's a busy ole month of fitbaw for them though!
  5. Well, unlike most posters on this subject I actually value SG as a top player, world class. Anyway, who are we to criticise a player of his ability as to why he has made the choices he has. I think he has been the best player Liverpool have ever had. He is a legend for the club he supported all his years and I for one would've given my right hand to be a legend for Saints. Unfortunately I'm s#ite at fitbaw so that wasn't going to happen.
  6. Yes I'm okay to play when I can. Nothing has changed for me. You know my circumstances Gav. Sorry I missed the meeting. Craig
  7. Sorry guys I'm making other arrangements so take me off the list. Good luck and COYS!
  8. Aye and look how he turned out
  9. Yeah a few of us have booked up.
  10. Okay so this is getting a little bit more confusing the further I research it. My findings so far are this: - In the UK and France a D1 category licence is sufficient to drive a minibus up to 17 seats (including the driver's seat) provided no hire or reward for the driver is involved. - It looks as though as soon as the vehicle enters France, tachograph rules must apply and that means the tachograph must have started recording from start of journey (i.e. Edinburgh or wherever) regardless of the nature of the trip. Furthermore, each bus built after 2006 will have a digital tachograph which means you need a card, not everyone has one of these! - As far as licence requirements for Switzerland are concerned, it's unclear whether a D1 is acceptable. Given that Switzerland is not part of the EU or EEA, there's little to fk all information on their laws so this is where the trail goes cold. Finally, although It is not likely this could also pose a problem for insurance reasons. Some policies exclude Switzerland because it's not in the EU or EEA. The sooner we get this sorted the better me thinks
  11. I'll take it if it's available??? Just waiting for confirmation that's it's mine and I'll book my accommodation.
  12. Looking for a seat, possibly 2 if available?