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  1. Gav, my phone has packed in. I'm still not a moderator on WAP so needs the appearances and m.o.m.s updated. Plus you need to check if Lee is coming. He didnt show last wk but I heard he was trying to contact me through Elvis. WAP was down.

  2. Jamie, Are you by any chance the reported that works/reports from Cupar Sheriff court on a regular basis? I saw your picture on the Saints website today and you look awfully familiar! Craig

  3. So its Nory. Why the comment about winking? Came across rather agressively. You ok?

  4. tell me that order is wrong Gav. I ordered a blue and a white in XL and paid for them both!

  5. Hey pal, Just a short note to apologise for not speaking to you longer the other day, I had to load the van, you know how it is, when I returned you had gone,I know how that is too! Anyway didn't want to seem rude so just a short message. Cheers Craig