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  1. It was questioned Ricky, by both Gav and myself. Gav even produced evidence to prove this but they dismissed it as a mistake.
  2. It's beyond me. I asked on Thursday and again on Friday, thinking it was just the dimwit on the other end of the phone giving me a bum steer but it appears to be true. Fkn erseholes
  3. No problem. PM and we can discuss it. Maybe catch up and I can give you a few pointers. I just need a new blade for my skate first but thats in hand.
  4. Further to your text earlier Gav, im up for playing but i really hope its not at Campus
  5. Yeah many of us tried for years. The closest we got was a senior amateur team that migrated from Glenrothes when their risk closed down. Unfortunately Dewars Ice Rink is not designed for hockey or any form of ice sport except Curling and they have the opinion that ice hockey destroys their facility but tbh, no more than any other ice rink. Perth did have a very successful juniors set up for years which I came through and became a coach of but yet again, the curlers got their way. Ice time was restricted so regular training could not be arranged and eventually people get p'd off and take the kids elsewhere so the club folded. Some great memories though I'd love to try and get something else in Perth but there's very little support both moral and financial.
  6. At the very minimum, Mannus is the most consistent GK in the Scottish Premiership. For the record, FORSTER IS NOT THE BEST GK, he doesn't even come for crosses FFS! I agree that Mannus has the ability to play in the EPL but I doubt anyone would give him that chance without seeing him at a higher level than Saints are currently at. I rate him higher than at least Speroni and Boruc. Although I wouldn't want him to leave, I'd rather we got something for him when he does. It's inevitable someone will want him. What would his value be though?
  7. Hi guys It's great to read that others have discovered hockey. I played for Edinburgh for a short time before injury got the better of me 16-17 years ago. I endorse everything you say about the sport and I would also encourage anybody to go and watch a game. I know of quite a few other Saints fans that take a trip to Dundee every weekend to watch the Stars kick Flyers butt ;o) As for not being able to skate... Really it's just about balance. A one hour lesson would get you on your feet and away from the barrier. It takes years to skate like these guys though! The amateur level of hockey in Scotland is pretty decent too. There is a full contact level which tends to be feeder teams into the likes of Dundee, Fife, Braehead and Edinburgh or there's also a lower level, that I'm more likely to play in if I ever get my finger out. For those of us who need to work the next day and cant afford broken bones, there is recreational hockey or 'reccy'. The main differences of this level is that full contact is not allowed i.e. If you intend to check the opposition, you'll spend the game on you're erse either in the penalty box or in the dressing room. Cunninghamvideo, I know you work at Kirkcaldy, you may wish to take at look at their reccy teams if you have the chance. Levels in Reccy vary massively. There are the better teams likes Riversdale Pirates, Kirkcaldy Kings, Dundee Michelin and Paisley Blackhawks to the not so good, Caledonian Hellcats (my old team), Dundee Wildcats and Irvine Flyers. These teams take on novices regularly to give everyone a chance. Teams re always looking for sponsorship too. The last team to play in Perth was Perth Predators. I was coach but unfortunately they folded due to a lack of commitment by Perth Ice Rink to support hockey so we couldn't attract players. Predators last played in about 2010 and they were sponsored for years by Dickens Bar for years. It would be nice to restart hockey in Perth if Live Active were prepared to support ice hockey. If anybody reading this wants to know more about ice hockey or would like to have a go, PM me. I'll do anything I can to promote and support the sport.