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  1. McDonald hasn't been at his best since he came back from that injury I reckon. I'm just so frustrated that Muzz doesn't get to play his attacking midfielder role. He was great for us for years in that position and now TW plays him as a sitting midfielder when we are lacking threat! It just doesn't make sense to me. Not sure I would've given McDonald an extended contract but I wont lose any sleep over it. No problem with Brown getting a deal. Lets hope he gets more match time in the first team to show what he can do. Goodwillie??? No thanks. He may be a decent player on his game but he's a coc# Lets be honest folks, TW has made some iffy signings but he's limited with the financial resources he has at his disposal. We are paying Fallon, why not play him and try something different? Change it about a bit. Hasselbaink and Wotherspoon on the wings with Fallon and May up top, Muzz attacking with Cregg sitting and as for the defence...... well that's another debate. O'Halloran will need to get a chance somewhere at sometime but not yet. Incidentally, I have hardly had a team prediction right since TW got the job so it's not gonna happen
  2. A few good points there mainstand particularly about Stevie May but as for the last point about not supporting those on the pitch... they have had their chance from kick-off and got support until it became apparent the weren't up to the job. Today quite a few of us questioned the motivation and effort from the team. Not many were up to that mark IMO. That pains me to admit. Many of us on here would sell our soul if it meant we could play for Saints.
  3. Gav, I'm only a 'Maybe' for this. The wife is away and I've got the kids. I don't have any other options of childcare at the moment.
  4. Okay but it's not like there hasn't been enough hype about the flags thing recently and these guys are hard core Saints fans they know the craik. So why bother?
  5. We have no other option for left back. His distribution today was woeful but I think he's less of a liability at left back than in central defence. At least at left back, there's a chance of another being behind him! If B Easton is available, obviously he would take that place but I think he's still out is he not?
  6. Yeah I can understand the concerns about the big surfing flags. We all know about the flares and smoke bombs being lit beneath them. Using the flag as cover for their disguise, I dunno why the CYS guys didn't just display it across the other side of the stand like the others.
  7. 'Painful', what a perfect way to describe today's performance, watching it from the stand. I have to say I am usually pretty optimistic but tonight I feel very negative about the team. Particularly I am frustrated why TW didn't take action and put on Croft for Millar. It was apparent to all of us after only the first half that Millar was pis#. His (amongst others) passing was woeful! Crofty may not be fit enough to play 90 mins but if he cant play 45 should he even be on the bench? If TW insists on playing long ball, then give Fallon a game. He may be s#ite but at least he's tall enough to maybe win a header against central defenders of 6ft+ I do like MacDonald but I think he's more of a squad player and if he can't play in a sitting midfield role, then perhaps he should be sitting on the bench. Playing Muzz in the sitting role doesn't allow us to use his attacking abilities. He's another that could be a target for the long ball if it must be played but not if he's only 15 yards in front of the defensive line. I also happen to think Scobbie should not have been dropped. Since his attacking skills are perhaps not as good as B Easton, perhaps he should be moved back centrally and let Ando go back out wide. Drastic changes needed I think. Just a suggestion, but he's my chosen line-up if I was in charge against the fakes fae Paisley next week. Mannus McKay Scobbie Wright Anderson Jahic Hasselbaink Wotherspoon Davidson O'Halloran May
  8. We heard about these incidents too. The police were discussing things with some guys outside the stand before they were escorted out but I think that may have been to do with the rubber penis. As for the spitting, there's absolutely no place for that.
  9. I was aware of the goings on in the North end of the Main stand when working at the ground last week. The post describing a middle aged gent removing a Union Jack with the word 'Inverness' written across it was indeed true. This person also complained about it associating the club with The Rangers, and the march in Dundee that same day. He also refused to return it to the owner. Although I am by no means in a position of authority at the club, I completely agree that the owner of the flag has done no wrong. Had the words read something more hostile or insidious then perhaps I would have a different opinion. After all, like it or hate it, we remain a part of the United Kingdom. The flag for the countries in that union is the Union Jack and it can be displayed in its created form wherever it's owners wish. This can be considered neither offensive or insightful when displayed at McDiarmid. Each to their own but if when we travelled to Europe these last two years, I think there's been a few St Andrews Soltaires on display. I invite you to explain to me, the difference, given that we are part of Great Britain and have a long history of invading and conquering other lands for our own gain. Incidentally the view of SJFC was shared by Caley Thistle at the time. The offended party was invited to make an official complaint to Caley and agreed he would.
  10. Saintcraig

    Stevie May

    All joking aside what kind of value does May carry? Obviously to the biggest clubs like Man U they can afford more than others but what could Saints expect for him?