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  1. I thought I'd posted this already but apparently not ...... If we are going to the Tulloch for 5, do we need to email them again???
  2. We may have let the tie slip through our fingers but we still had a few guys that could've got m.o.m. My m.o.m. is Beej
  3. I'm a maybe Gav. Too far away to commit right now but probably ok.
  4. Can't agree enough. He's not earned a wage by any stretch of the imagination!
  5. I'm as disappointed as the next person about this. I always thought he showed some great promise but I guess he's 25 now and I dare say he's on a decent wage so it's probably best for Saints to let him go and save the cash, whilst if he wants to get his career back on track he's gonna need to move on too. I predict a deal with Hamilton or Morton. They both seem to like ex-Saints players just now. At least it's still a decent level to earn a living from too!
  6. Mr Barney B was MOM for me tonight although it was a close call. Quite a few good ains that managed to keep their feet on the ice rink that used to be astro turf.
  7. Aye and I should have a car but I don't intend hanging around for hours afterwards, incase that's the plan?
  8. You'll be lucky. I couldn't do ten, even if I did want to!!!
  9. We did it to Caley Thistle last season so why not? I am stil la doubter (and I have his picture as my avatar!). One game doesn't make him a good manager but it certainly goes some way to buying him more time to prove what he can do. Ross County away is the perfect test for the guys. Take a victory from there and we will be singing their (the team and management) praises for sure! COYS