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  1. Like many of you I can only get them tomorrow and I'm on a smegging course in Glasgow! Erm that'll take a bit of wangling out of! I predict we are going to Dundee to kick some Coagie butt and win very convincingly, 2 nil with goals from Savo and Swankie just to rub salt into their smelly Dundonian, maggot infested wounds! Lets just hope the scores on those radios will suit us better than on that horrible day in Hamilton 2 yrs ago! My how that still hurts:sad: Anyway onward and upward - TO THE SPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. A lot of what is said here is absolutely correct... Overweight at Saints - Yes Underacheived at Saints - Yes Showed signs of potential at Saints - Yes Was releasing him one of OC's few mistakes - Yes Would I have hime back at Saints - IN A SECOND! He is one of the few players who have consistently given our defenses problems over the last couple of seasons. Above everything else he scores goals! With the guys we have up front just now they aren't giving us alot of goals now are they? I am the first to say that Savo, 'is a Saintee and hates the ##cking Dundee', has been outstanding for us in recent months and played through the pain barrier but something isn't quite gelling in the last third, at least not enough to be confident we can score regularly in the SPL. I think Dobbie could do a lot for us if he came back - Thats if he would come back after all I dont think he was too impressed at being released in the first place!