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  1. Hell, I thought I knew which way the vote was gonna go but I had no idea it was going to be so weighted! Wow!
  2. Really? Hobo was Captain. That's not my recollection. Still intoxicated Gav?
  3. Aye. The whites would've been better with a man down. I was pants! Good fun for me all the same.
  4. Is the budget for playing staff even set yet? We are still unsure about Rangers so surely this is playing on the boards mind as well. I reckon there could be a signing frenzy before the European journey commences.
  5. Nuggets, I hate to be a pescimist but it'll be a full 90 minute game. I dont think you're gonna make it to work on time when we consider time to take nets down, showers, travelling etc.
  6. Good effort from the eleven that turned up. Thanks guys. I reckon we did pretty well to keep that team at bay for long spells. Everyone worked hard and considering the heat we all deserve a pat on the back, although perhaps 'Elvis the lobster with the white arse' would rather not.
  7. Oh, no comment for now. Let me know details and I'll work on that one!
  8. Incidentally, it maybe acceptable for Muirton folk to eat such 'common delicacies' but where I come from, we much prefer bacon, sausage, egg & fried bread. Infact k9 testicles would get you jailed in Ruthvenfield!
  9. Oh and Larky, If I didnt know you personally. I may just of shed a tear
  10. Dont be so harsh. We dont know how things are gonna go. Get your tickets booked! I cant help but smile at how many peaks and troughs this thread has. Its like the Pepsi Max at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Gotta love WAP
  11. Sorry guys I would but its my anniversary so I've nae chance! Good luck with the game though!
  12. Yeah Null Vier, even Ormond Saints can do better than that!
  13. McD, I reckon we'll just have to agree to disgaree. For what its worth, I dont think you're going to be wrong. I share the same concerns. I just dont think we're in a position to change the manager right now. Its not the SJFC way. After all we did reach top 6 with lomas in charge and we are still in the hunt for a Europa league. Even if we weren't I'm not sure there's any chance of it anyway since Stevie Broon and Lomas appear to be such good mates!
  14. I should've read you post before I submitted mine!
  15. Yes McD. I see exactly where you're coming from but I right now we're not in a position to say exactly what's going to happen wit the squad. Sandaza, Sheridan. These guys were never gonna sign again. Miller, still hasnt said he isnt staying. Morris, like Sandaza and Miller, he's after a payday cause in his case its the twilight of his career, so I ask you. Is this Lomas fault that these guys are leaving? The form has dipped 'perhaps' because we havent had a consistent team selection available through injury and suspension. Maybe, and its just a maybe, he will be able to bring in good players that will do a job for us and we'll be loking back at this thread and question why we were even contemplating it all. Never forget how Sir Alex started at Man U.Clearly we aint Man U but you just never know what we have as a manager when he's not been here long. Maybe he'll get a serious kick up the proverbial for his interview today, maybe not! As I say, you need to give the guy a chance to get his own team in.