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  1. SanginSaint

    Yes Or Naw?

    But your happy to swap Westminster for Brussels - unelected nobodies .... Thank God for the No vote
  2. Most pityful / amusing thing about today - some junkie / smackhead looking Saints " fans " sitting at the top of the car park saying " here comes the Dundee Casuals " at me and my brother - aye .... Only supported SJFC for 40 + years - #vermin ....
  3. One game out of the season - we played pish and they still only beat us 1-0 They celebrated like they won the league - #embarassing
  4. Stuart is a Saintee Stuart is a bitter separitist Im a massive unionist ..... Whatever ....
  5. SanginSaint

    Yes Or Naw?

    I am a Massive unionist , sooner this pish is over the. Better Love my country - United Kingdom Embarrassed/ repulsed at the short sighted separitists No
  6. So far so good - need to take these chances #macca #ohallrohan
  7. Me and the Mrs never tire of walking round the river via the island/ railway bridge and round the North Inch - the view to the hills from Smeatons (?) bridge , the one at Brigend, is awesome
  8. Stuck in Cairo - any ex pats recommend a stream for this ? Save me troubling google.....
  9. #patmc I agree mate - but unfortunately in todays multi media, social media days lots of people expect non stop info , that i personally think we are not entitled to expect . Im more of the " less is more" school of thought .
  10. Macca seems like a really nice happy bloke COYS Looking for him to sign my Cup Final bottle if whisky at some point ...
  11. Blast from the past ! Not a bad frontman in his day ....