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  1. Saints are never going to win the Premier league, so I’m more than happy with our 2 Cup wins
  2. That strip and that team would walk the current league
  3. I'm lucky, I work 12 hour shifts and would've missed this but I happen to be off work tomorrow.
  5. “Our day in May”, there was several blank pages at the end of the book where the players and management signed their autographs, I assume it will be the same with this book.
  6. I will be in Coldingham, hopefully one of the pubs will be showing it.
  7. Unlucky not to get a point against Sevco, 3 points v The Sheep. If we don’t give away any needless penalties we have a chance of getting something from the game at Easter Road.
  8. In what way? The Tories announced that they are bringing in vaccine passports in England too.
  9. Sevco game, ST holders in East and Main stands can buy tickets for friends and family for £20. Full details out later
  10. SEVCO game. ST holders getting to buy tickets for friends and family in East and Main stands for £20. Details out later
  12. Rooney and McCart will no doubt sign pre contracts in January and I wouldn’t be surprised if Zander is sold then.
  13. Ali Crawford signed on 6 month deal on Saints Twitter