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  1. Club statement
  2. 3pm KO on their website
  3. If it was only to be Hibs or Aberdeen B teams then I would be against it. All Premiership clubs should be asked if the want to enter their B team. Some will some won’t, when you know the numbers then decide whether to enlarge the 2nd division or split it into North and South or east/west with maybe a split after X amount of games. If it’s only going to involve the OF youngsters what is the reasoning behind it? Are the OF going to announce in a year or two that they are joining the English set up and this is a way of them still being in the Scottish set up to please their fans here?
  4. The whole team played well, Kane with his tireless running, Rooney getting up and down the pitch plus the goal, Zander with the save, but for me it has to be Booth, helping out in attack one minute then back making crucial challenges the next
  5. That contract will have expired, so who’s got it now?
  6. Was at the 1-0 game sitting in the North end of the stand with my old man. Crowd was boosted by the cancellation of the Dundee derby. Heard about Ibrox disaster on car radio on way home, found out the next day that 4 boys from my school had died.
  7. Link at bottom
  8. I’m Not a Season Ticket holder, so only read the facts relevant to me, if I had known you were a ST holder I would’ve read more, but even better you could’ve done it yourself. However, maybe next home game if there is no info on club website, you could maybe contact the club instead of coming on here moaning and being a d ic k when someone had tried to help you. Don’t bother replying, I’m off out to the pub to watch the game.
  9. game is live on Sky, so it’s audio only in UK and Ireland I believe.
  10. Just bought the ppv for tomorrow.