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  1. Just bought the ppv for tomorrow.
  2. Saints want fans to contact them if the want their flag/banner displayed at the ground while no fans are allowed in.
  3. Got mine last Friday, chose to give the money to the youth setup and got a thank you email yesterday from Paul.
  4. Have you ever drank in the St Johnson Sports and Social Club on Saltash Road?
  5. East Stand best place for you to sit. Welcome to Perth, you’ll enjoy the football once we are allowed back in. Find out where Hoodlum sits then get a seat as far from him as possible.
  6. I would think it will be home fans only at all games this season. What % of capacity will be allowed in I’ve no idea, but I can’t see anyone getting more than 50% in at any stage.
  7. The situation is reviewed at least every three weeks - the next is scheduled for 18 June - with further phases implemented if enough progress is made on keeping the virus under control. Professional sport is in phase two; a "restricted number" of spectators are allowed in stage three - potentially mid-July; with crowd restrictions eased further in stage four.
  8. BBC website saying SFA and SPFL hoping for 1st of August to start next season.
  9. Without a doubt he will be remembered for his goal in the final, he scored some good goals too. Wasn’t at this game but remember commentator being amazed that Ando scored from this angle. No commentary on video
  10. Only the second time I’ve watched that since the big day. Enjoyed the game, wasn’t a bad game of football for a final without any so-called superstars.
  11. Along with the 50/50 draw tickets and the pies, there is now a Matchday eProgramme price £2 on sale.
  12. Luzhniki Stadium had a FIFA approved FieldTurf pitch, but it was replaced with grass for the 2008 final
  13. You can buy 50/50 draw tickets too
  14. Looks like I’m on furlough until end of May, so, to help the Club a wee bit and to help save my sanity I’ve renewed my Saints TV subscription. Looking forward to seeing lots of games I’ve missed over the years.