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  1. Mine has only been used once and that was because I gave it to a fellow Saintee for the Rangers game. I would turn down any refund.
  3. Working 12 hours overtime on Saturday night, so, will have to give the game a miss. #needmysleep
  4. As I said, I never saw all of the game due to WiFi issues, but from what I did see, yes, both teams, especially Saints looked like a pub team, corners, free kick, shots not getting past the first defender. Passes going astray, event from just a few feet, players getting in each other’s way. I’ve no idea what they do at training, but these mistakes keep happening, even last couple of seasons. I’m happy we go a draw, but against a better team (Hibs fans will admit they are shite), we would get humped.
  5. He is missing the big Irishman along side him and I think being captain at such a young age is affecting him too.
  6. As said earlier, I didn’t get a stream for all the game, both teams looked like pub teams, but I’m happy we got the draw. So many corners, free kicks and shots that never got past the first defender. Are the coaching staff up to the job? Are some of the players?
  7. Watching (most) of the the game in Verres Italy due to shite WiFi , I’m honestly wishing I couldn’t get a stream. Fekin awful, look like a pub team.
  8. Mike, admit it, it was you not your ST that was rejected
  9. Since more bought than last season....
  10. Will miss this as I will be having a wee stroll in the Alps somewhere. Will try and get it on Saints or Hibs tv.
  11. Not confident ,so have taken Livi to win on my fixed odds. I really hope I’m wrong...........
  12. Its our last competative game before the league season starts, of course the guy has to play.