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  1. Not got mine yet, I’m sure they were to be sent out at the start of this month.
  2. From Saints website
  3. BBC Gossip saying Rotherham expected to come back with another bid for Rooney
  4. I noticed that, they played them on the 14th, they play Kelty on 24th. A wee chat box opened up and I’ve sent them a message. Hopefully get an answer later.
  5. Yeh, but Saints always gave a link to the home teams PPV so you could buy it.
  6. Arbroath tv is covering it according to their website, details were still to be announced, so maybe that’s why Saints haven’t mentioned anything yet.
  7. Says on Arbroath website that tickets are available to both sets of fans.Arbroath tv streaming the game, details to follow
  8. Young Max sets up Brechin’s first goal
  9. Watching it just now and noticed him warming up behind the goal. Currently 1-0 to Sevco. Arsenal don’t look much better than they did v Hibs during the week.
  10. Hibs broadcast their game v Arsenal it was a 6pm ko I watched first half
  11. There is a similar diagram in “Bristling”, there’s a couple of match day photos on the previous page, I’m sure some of the Older posters on here are amongst the crowd.
  12. The electricity box thingy that was along from the stand ?