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  1. That contract will have expired, so who’s got it now?
  2. Was at the 1-0 game sitting in the North end of the stand with my old man. Crowd was boosted by the cancellation of the Dundee derby. Heard about Ibrox disaster on car radio on way home, found out the next day that 4 boys from my school had died.
  3. Link at bottom
  4. I’m Not a Season Ticket holder, so only read the facts relevant to me, if I had known you were a ST holder I would’ve read more, but even better you could’ve done it yourself. However, maybe next home game if there is no info on club website, you could maybe contact the club instead of coming on here moaning and being a d ic k when someone had tried to help you. Don’t bother replying, I’m off out to the pub to watch the game.
  5. game is live on Sky, so it’s audio only in UK and Ireland I believe.
  6. Just bought the ppv for tomorrow.
  7. Saints want fans to contact them if the want their flag/banner displayed at the ground while no fans are allowed in.
  8. Got mine last Friday, chose to give the money to the youth setup and got a thank you email yesterday from Paul.
  9. Have you ever drank in the St Johnson Sports and Social Club on Saltash Road?
  10. East Stand best place for you to sit. Welcome to Perth, you’ll enjoy the football once we are allowed back in. Find out where Hoodlum sits then get a seat as far from him as possible.
  11. I would think it will be home fans only at all games this season. What % of capacity will be allowed in I’ve no idea, but I can’t see anyone getting more than 50% in at any stage.