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  1. Hope the lad makes it back, from what I can see on Wikipedia he had a knee op in October 2013 which kept him out for 5 months, then re-injured it in August 2014 but came back a month later only to injure it again and miss the rest of the season with cruciate ligament damage. You hope this time that it isn't a sign of his knee saying enough is enough.
  2. If Nydam returns to Ipswich and Scougall leaves permanently, do we need another midfielder for the rest of the season? a loan signing maybe? I'd have thought if we couldn't get anyone better than Nydam then we should be looking at extending his stay, he must have learned what Tommy wants from him so it would avoid starting fresh with another loanee.
  3. Don't see why it should take generations. I mean folk moving to Perth might just think one day ach lets go to the football. Yeah folk moving here might not be interested in football, or are fans of other clubs, but you can only hope that some of the additional population are neutrals and go along a few times and then get into the habit of going. The club are at fault no matter what way you look at it, but they're not alone in Scotland. Marketing for our club is non-existent. They'll no doubt blame it on a lack of funds, but you've got to spend money to make money. The club needs a right good wake up call. You can live in Perth and not know Saints exist unless you drive by the ground or buy the PA. There's literally no effort to have any kind of presence in the town, no fixture lists on show anywhere....just nothing to catch anyone's attention.
  4. Problem is there's plenty more things to do for the cost of watching football for 90 minutes. I wouldn't even expect crowds due to our "recent success"? I mean the cup win was a good while ago now, the club chose not to invest further and maintain that quality of squad or results on the pitch, so the crowds are bound to drop if the performances drop as well. Hopefully with the population of Perth expanding then that might bring some more folk to the ground, but you're still left with folk thinking £24/23 to get in or go do...well anything really? Also not everyone lives within a short walk or bus ride to the ground, so a fiver to park the car? you might be hungry or thirsty, so you find stupid prices for a pie and bovril as well. Football isn't really the most affordable thing these days in comparison to most other activities.
  5. I take it we lost whoever used to do graphic design at the club as well? LAUGH OUT LOUD things looked very nice for a while but that? is that meant to make me excited for Saints TV? Just seen the wee interview with Maybury on the Twitter too...did they use a mobile phone? all the wind noise... Surely they could have gone to the college and offered the opportunity to students who're on their BA Hons for visual communication? there you've got folk doing photography, filming, photoshop etc and would probably love the opportunity. Just like when Ross volunteered and offered Saints TV to the club, bit of initiative?
  6. Losing to Celtic and Rangers is almost certain these days, maybe less so Rangers...but the number of goals we've conceded is certainly a worry when we know both sides aren't in top form. We have been very lucky that those teams below us are performing shockingly worse than us. With only 2 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses enough to see us in 8th place and still have the joined 2nd worst goal difference. Right now we need to hope that Livi begin to see a real drop in form because we are in no type of position to be taking on Aberdeen or Rangers for 6th and 7th. We need to focus on getting some wins together and hopefully creating a sizeable gap between us, Hamilton and Motherwell who are only a win away from taking our place.
  7. Pretty sure Tommy said we were not getting anymore signings a while back, just after Watt signed and he had to send the trialists home? then we went on and signed Kennedy and then Mitchell on loan. Our midfield is all over the shop when you look at the squad, nobody apart from Muzz are central midfielders who we know can play in the Premiership. McCann (18) and McClean (19) I'm all for youth being given a chance but is Tommy? Other than that it's putting Craig and Spoony into central roles they're not used to. Craig lost his legs for playing out wide a few years ago and he was never the quickest, but it seems we're keeping a hold of him now he's doing his coaching badges in the hope that he stays with us after his playing days are over.
  8. Did we get any money from Stoke for Callum? we avoided spending to replace him by promoting Cleland and I can't imagine Maybury involved money if he was coaching anywhere? I find it hard to believe that we let go of Mannus, Millar and Macca and all we can afford is Wright and Watt?
  9. Interesting, I see Boavista over in Portugal had them this season. Some of their rugby tops look nice, wouldn't mind something like this with blue and then white stripes.
  10. Apparently the Lovat was under a business name where he was director. The Wheel Inn is now under a business name with his wife named as director, so I guess that's how he's managed to get in without any objection, he pretty much works for his wife...well on paper anyway.
  11. Doesn't surprise me in Perth, loads of dodgy landlords who cannae be arsed with their properties.
  12. Tommy needs to make changes before it's too late, but I say give him until mid March and if he hasn't seen the changes needed and take action, if results continue this way then I would go with Callum in charge with Cleland as number 2. The main problems come from a obvious lack of investment from the board, I might be wrong but did the board not decide to invest in the youth development when Stevenson came back? that's 2012. We then saw Stevie May impress and thought this was definitely the way to go instead of opting to buy (like we ever do that) or paying signing fees with players and agents? It also lets us sell players at a profit to keep the figures nice and healthy. We've seen players like Comrie, Gordon and Kerr show signs of being good enough lately but not be given a run in the first team. We're struggling to score goals but we have Hendry in reserve who's apparently impressing. I don't care how old you are, if you're good enough then give them a chance. We've insisted in keeping faith with the some players since we won the cup, Macca should have gone a long time ago, Muzz isn't the player we thought he'd be due to injuries but must be one of the highest earners right? Ando is loyal but showing big signs of his best days seriously being behind him, Wotherspoon is inconsistent but has flashes of brilliance, Millar who is probably our best midfielder is for some reason not a favourite with the manager. Our goalkeeper position isn't even concrete anymore, Mannus' performances started to drop straight after winning the cup and Zander can be iffy at times. Then we have a crafty wee player like Scougall who arrived showing having a nice footballing brain with some creative sparks, but it's like he's been shackled by management and our style of play. Foster should be long gone, his disciplinary record in his short time is poor and his attitude towards fans at times.
  13. Getting a bit tired of hearing Tommy moaning to the press. If it's not about the chairman or some part of the club, then it's about the fans. Almost like he thinks he is beyond criticism and should get special treatment. As for a holiday abroad and warm weather training, get tae ****! in 4-5 months time you'll all be finalising your end of season holidays and then you can go and get some sun. There's plenty of ways the boys can do training over the winter break even if the grass pitches are frozen. Get them sitting in on extra analysis sessions of our league opponents, indoor set piece training, or in the gym working on cardio and strength training...bloody hell get them in the swimming pool and crank the temperature up, that warm enough for them? Just cause there's a winter break, doesn't mean you should be off relaxing and sunning it up in Spain.
  14. With 20 minutes remaining the amount of Rangers fans walking out almost as soon as Cummins shot hits the net...that's it guys, follow follow...each other to the exit.
  15. Spoke to one of the lads working there whilst on a walk early this year and he said it was to be another 3 years if everything was on time.
  16. Sorry did I miss the part where we're in a relegation battle and might be doomed for the championship? cause that is the only time we should be looking at getting rid of Tommy right now. Yes he has a big problem with a lack of goalscorers and he acknowledges that. It's not just down to him but the entire coaching staff and the players and in probably most importantly...the board and Mr Brown. It's no secret we have one of the strictest owners when it comes to loosening the purse strings but sure now is the time to be looking at that for just one signing. It was obvious to us all during the summer that we needed a goalscorer and we struggled to get anyone and it looks like we just settled for what we could easily get, rather than someone we knew would work. If Brown says to him he wont give him money to spend, then we surely have to be looking at giving the young lads a try? and by that I don't mean 20 minutes as a sub or one start and if they don't bag a goal, then straight back to the development squad. Give a lad a run of 4 or 5 games with Macca or Cummins (dunno why you'd pick him though) and see if there are signs of a partnership developing.
  17. Mannus isn't the keeper he was say 3-4 years ago. It's almost like he's lost a touch of confidence or he's become complacent. His palming shots away into dangerous areas frightens me, it's almost like he prefers to palm than to catch now.
  18. Nazi's were socialists!!??...oh man...did someone re-write the history books overnight and not tell me?
  19. I get the feeling you're one of those people who says we're all one race, the human race. Therefore racism doesn't exist. The term racism has changed over the years but it has a broad meaning these days with various forms of racism. Some including religion, ethnicity, nationality and communities of people and more. Do I really have to educate you? really? please pick up a book or how about do some research on the internet, you know the thing you use to come on's a wonderful place full of information!
  20. The mosque isn't a problem for us locals, it's just an upgrade for the mosque on the Glasgow road which is basically a small flat not big enough for the muslim population of Perth. The only issue was the racists who came to Perth to oppose the mosque. They tried to say it was standing up for locals who's council went behind their backs in approving the mosque. Their white power flags said different.
  21. I think Stevie will have talks with Rangers and come to a mutual agreement to cancel his contract. With Pedro publicly saying he doesn't want him, he can confidently go into talks and be like hey, the boss doesn't want me so let me go. The next stumbling block would be his wage demands, do we push the boat out and make him our highest paid player ever like we offered to May? Even then we'll fall well short of his current wages, so maybe he'd fancy a new challenge down south.
  22. Doubt Pedro will be at Ibroke by January so it doesn't really matter what he thinks of Mikey.
  23. Not the type of signing I was expecting but then we are never known to buy players who are currently putting in performances, we seem to be relying on players who've shown signs of promise in years gone by and hoping we can get them firing again. To be fair, if Wikipedia is right, he's got goals wherever he's been on loan whilst a Birmingham player. Even if he didn't play much he at least scored once or twice. It's his Colchester form that disappoints BUT how good are Colchester? is it all his fault or are they just crap at supplying him with a good pass? Only question is over his knee, just back from injury so will see how he goes.
  24. The last two games have shown how weak the squad is, not one striker can finish. Players like Craig and Paton are holding us back, just mistake after mistake, getting caught in possession time and again. You expect better from experienced players like them. We have a talented player like Scougall and choose to bypass him completely with long balls and crosses to players that couldn't hit a barn door. Millar is one of our best midfielders and he's getting towards the end of his career, we really need another player not afraid to beat a player or use movement to shrug off an opponent and then pick a pass. Just now its like watching a new game called hoofball.