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  1. If you are going to attempt to troll Random at least try and make it less obvious. It’s pretty boring otherwise.
  2. Anybody got the crowd for other Saints testimonials in recent times? Think Alan Main would be last one but before that Jim Weir, Roddy and Biscuits from memory. 1,480 certainly very disappointing, there were more at Main’s I’m sure.
  3. Has anyone actually watched Kenny Miller play this season?
  4. Was surprised as well but apparently it is to do with him leaving when they went into administration (the first time). Seems to me he did what he needed to do given the situation. However they are harbouring a grudge about it which won't be helped by the fact that he has enjoyed far more success with their diddy Tayside neighbours than he'd ever have achieved with them, although think they did finish 6th once. Not that they care about us of course.
  5. Be good to see his name getting spelt correctly in the lead up to the game as well.
  6. I'd be surprised if any Dundee fans go to this, can't see there being anything like 700 there. Hope I'm wrong. Be nice if that is irrelevant anyway and that plenty of Saints fans go.
  7. I want us to move onto the next level by pushing the boat out.
  8. Al C

    Fantasy Football

    On the extreme off chance anyone still reads this - can somebody reactivate the PSJ league for this season? Think it is in your hands Kevin.
  9. Douglas will pick up my top on Saturday if that works. Cheers.
  10. Douglas will pick up my top on Saturday if that works. Cheers.
  11. What a job Billy Brown is doing at the Blue Brazil
  12. The secret seven have a list of all the players we are after.