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  1. Many thanks Widge, didnt't realise I wasn't allowed an opinion on on this forum;-)
  2. Sorry to get to such a level but Lomas couldnt pick his nose .
  3. He would never get a game every week anyway, Lomas is never consistent.
  4. McD

    Lomas Tenure Up?

    I dont mind the spam to be honest, I love it when I see this thread up up top. Eternally hopefull.
  5. Belle and Sebastian - The Blues are still Blue
  6. Finishing second double figures ahead of third, then not going up in a delayed by a week or so series of games, when teams have only given contracts to players till the VERY last day of season (when every penny counts , and as happened in the leagues last season) makes it all a lottery and a rather embarassing shambles.
  7. McD

    Jody Morris

    Cash not spent looks much better as a balance than the interest due on purchases...
  8. McCracken IS Bombscare. Martin O'Neill made Bobo Balde a Champions League player and he was no better than Ando! Ando never pretends to be Messi. I am happy to see him slog it into row Z every week, (exactly what my old man used to say made John Greig a legend although he hated Rangers) and to be honest I think he is even madder than Wright and would have already ran through the brick wall before Wright arrived... Apart from Miller I dont like to cricise a Saintee but McCracken is boufin' and only really good enough to watch playing at centre half in a Dundde jersey... against us. Dave Mackay is worthy of his extension and the decison not to give Calum Davidson another year is a another weaknes Lomas has exposed.
  9. Definitely best move for Mooner and all the best to him. All very well quoting figures re games played but under Lomas he had no chance.
  10. McD

    Jody Morris

    I prefer him to Lomas...