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  1. Good post - couldn't agree more. Clearly some of the people on here feel they know better than our manager. I don't - in Tommy I most certainly trust. Jim
  2. In answer to the thread questions: Yes / No
  3. Glad you enjoyed my wee contribution Ollie - like everyone else who contributed, my thoughts and rambles came straight from the heart. Couldn't agree more about the book as a whole - a fantastic read and a brilliant piece of editing by Rob. A wee tear in the eye reading many of the reminiscences. For those old enough and wanting even more nostalgia, below is the link to my Facebook page - yesterday I scanned and uploaded 15 or so pics of Muirton Park taken a few days before we moved out and up the Crieff Road. I think Saints will be posting them later in the week too: Hopefully the link will work.... Jim
  4. In direct answer to the question asked in the post. No it's not - as illustrated by a good win in Dingwall today. Next question?
  5. That's true - and if he's old enough to remember (the magnificent) Tam McNeil, he should know better!
  6. Don't speak Slovakian (!), but the below - from Spartak's FB site suggests that if things had been different, the draw would have been interesting this morning.....some great trips and a couple to be avoided......GRRR Koho si želáte za súpera? 1 Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC (ISR) 2 FC Zürich (SUI) 3 CD Nacional (POR) 4 Tottenham Hotspur FC (ENG) 5 FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (UKR)
  7. Good post Peter - and good luck to your team for the season ahead and in the next round. Didn't like some of the play acting - though I realise it's part and parcel of the game - especially on the continent. But in truth, over the two legs, Saints just didn't quite do enough - your analysis is spot on. Still hopping one of your subs was ineligible though ;-) Awrabest Jim
  8. Good to hear Norrie. Picked you out on the telly. Must have been proud to be there supporting the lads who again did us proud away from home in Europe. Safe journey home
  9. Agree - Tam Scobbie was excellent again v Trnava. Would have him in the team ahead of Fraz.
  10. Unbelievable the attitude of some Saints supporters..... That's three years in a row in Europe and a very creditable performance just a few hours ago. Get a bloody grip. If some of these pathetic posters had lived through the Lamond years ( pre Geoff) there's no way they'd be Saints supporters. This is our best period in our history. Sure soiled by last month's inactivity on the transfer / resigning front - but compare that with how it felt when we lost 5-1 at home to Meadowbank, 5-0 at Montrose, 9-2 at Hibs, 4-0 at Stenny. I was at these games - and many more. I know what it felt like when we were truly awful - and it's one helluva lot worse than in the aftermath of a 1-1 draw away from home in our third Euro qualification in a row. Repeat - get a bloody grip. We are St Johnstone FC not bloody Juventus. May will go and Tommy will get money to rebuild. It's only 48 weeks until we 're back in Europe Rant over Jim
  11. Was impressed with FC Luzern's FB and Twitter offerings too pre- and post our games against them. Like others agree that Ross and the Twitter / FB volunteers at McD deserve a helluva lot of credit for the job they do. Keen to see just what ICT do that beats this - intrigued enough that I will follow on twitter and FB for a few days and go to their YouTube channel. Now next for Saints - to better integrate the official site with the social media offshoots. This should really be the glue for the social media - but it's currently the less useful add-on when it comes to Saints info and communication.
  12. Ach - I'd hoped that might have lasted a wee bit longer. You lot are too clever ;-)
  13. Just heard that if/when Stevie goes, we are looking at replacing him with what I assume must be some foreign dude called Strufin Curtare - apparently he would be a very versatile option that will play a key role in the club's ongoing development. Anyone else heard this one? Jim
  14. Just been flicking through the book this morning - too much of a diversion from work!! Just want to echo everyone else's comments on here - a fantastic piece of work by Rob. Really deserves huge credit for pulling this together - especially in such a short time since May 17. I really hope the club will help to push sales on this - really deserves their support as it's a fabulous piece of positive marketing about our shared obsession. PS - looking forward to my 8-year old daughter's reaction when she sees not one but two pictures of her in the book :-)
  15. If it is, won't be your fault - loads of 'authors' here!
  16. Good work Rob. Ordered and eagerly awaited. Delighted you used my pic of Stuart in Luzern for the foreword too. After events of the last few days will be great to read something positive about the shared passion of all of us Jim
  17. Was trying to quote Ghostie - his post being the best I've read
  18. By some distance, the best and most reasoned response of the day. If May goes, he goes - but Rotherham????? Would show little ambition - the only way he might end up there is because he seems to be unwanted by our Chairman. Very very sad - what a difference 2 months makes..... Not happy at all - between this fannying around and ditto on a Tommy Wright's contract. Very very angry and increasingly disillusioned by Steve Brown's apparent lack of anything remotely resembling logic.
  19. Looking like we'll have upwards of 800 - we've sold all of the tickets Luzern sent to Saints (690) and many who are going are picking their tickets up in Luzern. We took 550 to Rosenborg away last season and 500 to Eskisehir in Turkey the previous year. This trip is slightly easier - and cheaper to get to though - plus added enthusiasm from the Cup win, it'll be a good support. Jim
  20. Ridiculous post. Wish there was a way of hiding this so that I'm not reminded if some of the more moronic elements of our support. A silly wee laddie
  21. Very sad news - he was a true Saints fan and put in so much effort and dedication to the cause running buses for years. Was sad when I read of his illness and especially that he didn't get to the Cup Final - that would have meant so much to him. Saints have looked after him - RIP
  22. I'm staying in Zurich on the Weds and Thurs nights (long story!) but getting train to Luzern early on the Thursday then the last one back after the game (something like quarter to midnight from memory) which means I'll still be able to have a post-match celebratory pint or two. Got a supersaver deal - £12.50 return - quite pleased with that Jim
  23. Just bought my away ticket over the phone from the Ticket Office - excellent service from the girls there as usual. Apparently we received another 290 and 'they are going like hotcakes'. She expects them all to be sold in the next few hours. With the others who are getting their tickets over there, think we'll have at least 750 fans - and probably more. Cannae wait! COYS! Jim
  24. - from Stevie Maskrey's son apparently