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  1. Gordon you really need to get your qualifications and go into management as you are sooooo good at this game.I cant believe I am even discussing your nonsense
  2. But he is good enough to play and score in World Cup qualifiers for Finland?
  3. Sorry but I had to say it-Was it not a draw?
  4. I loved going to Muirton Park but to be honest all these memories of 'the choir' are a bit exagerated in my mind. Sure it was good to shout at opposing fans but certainly in the last few years 'the choir' was only a limited group of fans. When I was young wagon wheels were huge.....but now Im older ,and my hands are bigger ,they appear smaller. We all remember the good things and I have plenty of memories of both grounds and have no complaints about our new home. The people who complain about 'a lack of atmosphere' need to spend more time making a noise and less time complaining on here about it!
  5. I couldnt choose just one Im afraid.All the above and many more
  6. Yours isn't a great deal better.
  7. Why is Easter Road not on the list?
  8. a 6 point minimum gap between us and bottom place after the Festive period
  9. Saw Real Mallorca play(AND WIN)a few seasons ago when on holiday. Interestingly they give everybody a programme upon arrival and the parking was murder. I went with my wifes cousins hubby-a Dundee fan.We were both wearing our club tops and a St Mirren fan wandered over and asked why we were sitting together!!
  10. I was taken to games by my next door neighbour.He lifted me over at the Florence Place end and then left me to my own devices untill we met at the end of the game.We won the league in my first season