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    Been married a few times, first to Jim (an ex-army sergeant) and then to Vernon. Got a couple of kids, Steve and Andy. Run a pub. Well respected member of local community. Love long walks.
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  1. Our bus is booked into the same bowling club as for the league Cup final. Cracking day.
  2. I was down watching training through the fence with Sheky yesterday and the boy Gilmour looked good. Dundee got the lad Kamara from Arsenal.
  3. Can someone PM me with the name and number of the guy that is running the bus through to Kingswood Bowling club tomorrow. Heard there are still a few seats. Thanks.
  4. I'll have four carveries and four pints of cider please barman.
  5. Hi, I have had a large (4 metre x 2 metre) banner made for tomorrow that reads WE ARE ALL NEIL LENON in support of what he had done to him at Hearts. I will need a hand to hang it from the top tier so am looking for volunteers.
  6. Oh bore off Jeremy. It's a funny story not an invite to the wedding. Don't be like sleepless and start dictating what can be posted.
  7. "Ok, what are you expecting from Saturday's game?"
  8. 11 teams in the league would reduce prices for this. Will Bulletproof?
  9. Not having any media staff makes it difficult to post updates would be my say. Bulletproof sure gets his priorities right.
  10. Absolute disgrace that Bulletproof is using our money to fund this shite. Like if you agree.
  11. Keith Chegwin kidnapped all these good posters.
  12. Disgraceful exclusion of mad Paul Hannigan.