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  1. Aye better, Still not the best though
  2. Anyone else finding it pretty amateur, The picture is pre 1980 quality and the content is as bad as the Saints TV after Ross left. How do you unsubscribe, I don't think it's worth the money.
  3. I bought mine last week along with my young lass ticket, hopefully I'll make more games than I did last season.
  4. Get them in, I believe they are setting up and running a new club shop as part of the deal. Something we are desperately needing.
  5. Staying in the Gedimino Apartments in the centre of town.
  6. Aberdeen - Riga - Villnius three of us going 5 hrs travel both ways £210 via Baltic Air, got an apartment for £100 a head for four nights.
  7. Shops a lot better, once they get stock in it will be great, Well done to all involved especially Stevie and the other bloke who run it.
  8. Well Im on it. In Spoonys at the airport for pints at 6am
  9. Saintly Child


    I'm heading over too, was there a few years ago, the open top bus is a great way to see the city. Never went to the titanic museum, some fantastic pubs though.
  10. I received mine weeks ago, top quality lovin it. First outing will be in Belfast.
  11. I'm in the same hotel although I fly over on the Friday. Pint in Robinsons?
  12. Booked on the 7am Friday to the 5pm Sunday Easy Jet from Glasgow. Plan to drink proper guinness all weekend and see my team. Braw. £45 return is a braw price.
  13. We are meant to be interested in this guy.
  14. Didn't get that impression, I think he knows he's taken Saints as far as he can, bigger budget or not. If he stays and we get top 6 again next season I reckon he will move south.
  15. More made up crap from the Daily Ranger, but they would be daft not to look at him. We can't hold on to him forever.