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  1. Must admit I was tad disappointed that they weren’t all individually numbered ,but I looked back and no where did it say they would be. Unfortunately.
  2. https://t.co/oT5gjS1NfY
  3. Saints not letting a goal in mate ? Hope yer right .
  4. I have it from a very good source that a certain Stevie May is on 4 grand a week .Dont ask me where I get this from as am no tellin ., but allegedly true .
  5. What about that Guy “Mad Doug “ that was around for a while starting the songs roaring at the top of his head , SAINT JOHNSTONE. What ever happened to him never seen him in Mcdiarmid ?
  6. Raking my brain , mind he had a leather Jacket on and the crash helmet was black . Was there liquid involved ?
  7. I mind that guy with the crash helmet , he eventually took it off and threw the brut , mind it bouncing about. Correct me if Im Wrong but was than not behind the goal where the home fans now stand ? I was barely a teenager .
  8. I never new till now that there was no e there , learn something new every day .
  9. Ended up watching it on dodgy Hesgoals as I couldn’t for the life of me get logged on to the killietv to actually pay for it . Seen the game but I think it finished about Half six with all the times it froze .
  10. Brilliant performance end of story , boys were superb to a man .