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  1. Anybody else having bother logging in to Saints tv today ? Not streaming for me .
  2. They new how to put on a palaver then
  3. But on a brighter note feckin pie boxes are back on sale , let’s here it for the pie boxes hip hip ...............
  4. Any ****er want to meet Any ****er want to meet up the park with a cherry picker ? Or just be depressed in the hoose ?
  5. Aye great stuff , canny wait .
  6. Right lads let’s go oot there’s elephants doon the inch , a saying that will never be repeated , great for the nellys, shit for proper lad hood . I’m sure I seen them early 70s (with maw and paw )passing the station hotel , might have been this parade .
  7. Cracking new photos chips lad , no idea where half the Bruts are though
  8. Never new that bell end was in Turkey , thought he lived in Fraser Wright’s pocket .
  9. **** sake the guys no even here yet and getting slated tae ****, what chance has he got ?
  10. On that point I’ve been thinking why don’t the fans have a redevelopment of McDiarmid themselves ? Starting with the seats ? How much would it cost to sort out the skinny east stand white St Johnstone embarrassment, for a start not that much surely ? I wouldn’t think it wouldn’t be more than £50 a seat ? Sure we could raise enough even through the folk on here to do it ? New thread ?
  11. It was me , I thought the guy did good .
  12. Well your a bit late giving us that information are ye no