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  1. We will do any of them . We are the Scottish double winners bring them on .
  2. Patiently waiting on season ticket . Still no here .
  3. Am I the only season tick holder who’s new one isn’t here yet ?
  4. And that’s whats wrong with our great club , to much small minded bullshit and no ambition , it’s like we don’t want to win anything . We have proved this year we can , so let’s do it again next year prove it wasn’t a fluke .
  5. Na , fans need to know .I think half the reason our crowds have been shit over the last few seasons is because of the clubs secrecy. Be more open and ambitious not the “struggling to survive “ card would bring more folk up the park 100%.
  6. So Saints would sell their double cup winning captain and double cup winning goal scoring full back for less than 3/4 of a million bucks ? If this is even remotely true it is nothing short of insulting to the players and a kick in the puss to supporters that the heart of their greatest achieving is getting torn apart right in front of them .No happy.
  7. Cafe Tabou next door to the half a tanner in st Johns place is decent scran .
  8. rickardo

    Scottish Cup

    Ridiculous love it , proud as **** .
  9. Not getting away from it the guy is a Saints legend and I will be for forever grateful to him , but I can’t get excited about this . Sorry . Not half the player he was and he was on his toes fast as **** when he was good , which I won’t ever understand . ? Nothing bigger than Saints .