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  1. We got what we deserved today end of story .
  2. It was , my maw worked there in about 73 ish I think , I was wee
  3. Woop 2 bites that was quick
  4. Yer fecked . Wee Jimmy Sturgeon trying to put one over the English again . Embarrassing.
  5. You have faith with the “club” after a kick in the baws like that ? Unbelievable.
  6. Never mind the new ones what about us old hands , more or less a season ticket holder for 40 + years . Never felt so pissed off at a player being sold for feck all .Time for a change at the top .
  7. ****in disgrace absolutely no respect for the fans . Unbelievable.
  8. Don’t complicate things , you ken fine what I meant .
  9. Pity his second name wasn’t King.
  10. Pish end of story . Not good enough .
  11. We will do any of them . We are the Scottish double winners bring them on .
  12. Patiently waiting on season ticket . Still no here .
  13. Am I the only season tick holder who’s new one isn’t here yet ?