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  1. Is that not off Glasgow road ,the road next to Barclays furniture store ?
  2. And brilliant from the post starter . The legend that was Captain John Marnoch .RIP
  3. Just watched it on Alba , should have won that game easily. 3569 my arse .Dont get the point of inflating the crowd , who benefits?
  4. I think the club creating a safe standing area at the score board end is a great shout and would bring folk back.
  5. Why did the first aiders not have a blanket? Is that more of Broons cutbacks ?
  6. Well that’s him signed then.
  7. Where about did I say that I wasn’t attending games ? Fair dooz I wasn’t at Hamilton but sorry if I gave you the impression I don’t give Saints my hard earned.I do.
  8. That was hellish , just watched on Alba and thank **** I never dragged my pissed self out my bed this morning .Two dreadful teams slugging it out for a 0-0 but we got the 1 and only chance in front of goal and took it .Thank god. Great result .Pants performance. How long are we going to suffer this ?
  9. Or “Getting dragged out of Europe against our will “
  10. Holt ? Would sooner get somebody half decent to be honest.
  11. I see it now , the road is much wider then than it is now at the back of the county hotel .
  12. Think he has closed , heard a while back he was winding the company down.
  13. At first I thought it was the old high street but now I’m baffled .