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  1. https://t.co/oT5gjS1NfY
  2. Saints not letting a goal in mate ? Hope yer right .
  3. So that’s that then ? It’s bollocks .
  4. I have it from a very good source that a certain Stevie May is on 4 grand a week .Dont ask me where I get this from as am no tellin ., but allegedly true .
  5. What about that Guy “Mad Doug “ that was around for a while starting the songs roaring at the top of his head , SAINT JOHNSTONE. What ever happened to him never seen him in Mcdiarmid ?
  6. Raking my brain , mind he had a leather Jacket on and the crash helmet was black . Was there liquid involved ?
  7. I mind that guy with the crash helmet , he eventually took it off and threw the brut , mind it bouncing about. Correct me if Im Wrong but was than not behind the goal where the home fans now stand ? I was barely a teenager .
  8. I never new till now that there was no e there , learn something new every day .
  9. Ended up watching it on dodgy Hesgoals as I couldn’t for the life of me get logged on to the killietv to actually pay for it . Seen the game but I think it finished about Half six with all the times it froze .
  10. Brilliant performance end of story , boys were superb to a man .
  11. Ok but why the Hate for the 3 there ? Bryson is a sort of animal that every good team needs , Conway set up goals and scored one last week and O’Halloran has fell to bits a wee bit , but do you not think he needs maybe a wee cuddle ? Support the team whoever is on the park no?
  12. Is that the same Hearts that are league below us ?
  13. Mind going into a wee shop on Gorgie and got a bottle of buckfast to smuggle back on one of the Jeanfield buses .Great night .
  14. Some folk on here have far too much time on there hands . Get a dirty woman or drink or both .
  15. Heard this Roy hellish news . RIP Mo.
  16. Well there goes that theory that is was just ipads or phones that it just gives you the PayPal option .Ive told the club about it and they seem to think it’s just me ,but my laddie has the same problem.Club loosing out on money.
  17. I have the same problem ,are you using a iPad or iphone by chance ?
  18. Can’t be true .Derek didn’t drink ....".....".................""....................... I will get my coat .
  19. I remember it well as a budding 7 year old .I used to work with Derek on the railway and asked him about it to which he replied with a grin “I canny mind that “ .Great guy and keeper , we could do with his sort the now .
  20. rickardo


    I agree we need a new keeper , even if. It is for competition.Zander is turning into a bomb scare.Saves very few and when he does do his job we all think he’s a world beater .
  21. If we get offered a fee for him , grab it before they change their minds .
  22. Think he’s lived in Stanley all his days mate.