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    rickardo reacted to john.w in LEAGUE CUP FINAL: St Johnstone v Livingston, Hampden Park, 28 Feb 2021   
    COYS Tuktoyaktuk Saints supporters club are shouting for you

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    rickardo reacted to GMac in Best Saints songs ever   
    Yes sir, we've got Rooney and he will score our goals Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney all day long. COYS.
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    rickardo got a reaction from garydavidson in MOTM Game 35: Livi 1 v 2 Saints   
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    rickardo reacted to Cleveland-Saint in Cup final song ?   
    thats classic
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    rickardo reacted to Ginger Bakers rebel army in LEAGUE CUP FINAL: St Johnstone v Livingston, Hampden Park, 28 Feb 2021   
    Polo shirt with the white collar hanging in my wardrobe, match ticket bought along with 50/50 draw, magazine and match programme.
    Premier sport to be added to my Sky account, beer will be chilling and champagne on ice.
    Will try not dwell on not being at Hampden with young John Bonham at my side and surrounded by saintees and will probably not sleep next Saturday night but the excitement is building and I will be roaring my team home from the Highlands.
    Will miss meeting Stevie May at the Mill Street taxi tank at 3am after the Scottish cup final but will not miss the bollicking for getting home at 4am after an hours wait for a taxi.
    This week will be an emotional journey, and one I won’t forget but, O when the saints, go marching in, I will be in that number.
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    rickardo reacted to THE LARK SAINT in League position   
    teams round the bottom 6 or 7 play each other and will cut each others throats  but if my sums are correct the maximum points a team can get are 
    St.Mirren 53 Motherwell  46  Dundee Utd 46 
    St.johnstone 45
    Hamilton 41
    Kilmarnock 39
    Ross County 38
    ...Kilmarnock play Rangers Aberdeen Dundee Utd Ross County and Motherwell again in the run up to the split and look to have a job to be above 10th 
    But St.Mirren who have the most points just now  play Rangers Aberdeen Livingston  Hamilton 2 and Ross County 
    If they take  some points from this run they are surely safe 
    Dundee Utd  have Rangers and Celtic  in there run in so that could impact on there points total 
    Its a minefield though with x playing x and anything can happen 
    For me looking at the games to play Kilmarnock and Ross County are PROBABLY favourites for bottom 2 in my reckoning
    My own team St.johnstone barring a slump should Finnish between 6th and 9th  if we can take 2 or 3 points from Celtic  we will be on target for 44 or 45 points  even if we lose its 42
    The target for safety 39 which is the most Kilmarnock can achieve  38 avoids automatic relegation 
    Edit to add plus 15 points to totals post Split games 
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    rickardo reacted to rik2304 in Cup final song ?   
    It needs taken out and shot.
    Literally the worst thing I've ever heard. Including the time I heard an Italian guy in the hotel room next door rapping and beat boxing whilst also riding his missus.
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    rickardo got a reaction from Born2Bru in Cup final song ?   
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    rickardo reacted to sixties saintee in LEGEND SUPPORTERS   
    The guy is not in good health these days, was a apprentice wae me in Christie's, hope to meet up wae him next time I'm up.
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    rickardo reacted to THE LARK SAINT in LEGEND SUPPORTERS   
    There was a bit of a q wee break out between two sets of fans and our section was then out of the area that was originally half and half for toilets and pie shed
    So you basically had to walk towards there fans for food and a pee
    I walked towards this dude with helmet and what I remember as q black boiler suit type thing 
    Any way he said "Where you going ya Perth b****** "I"'m going for a pie"@Said 
    "You will need to get past me then "Said Mr Helmet "
    So I nutted him threw the visor part of the helmet which he invited me to do by lifting it up
    I struck him firmly to the ground to much cheers from Saints fans and another wee battle broke out. 
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    rickardo reacted to byebyedundee in Kilmarnock V St.Johnstone Saturday 30th January   
    Yet again we get another manager Sacked...
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    rickardo reacted to bankfoot saint in January 2021 Transfer Window   
    Melamed needs to be signed up for next season ASAP 
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    rickardo got a reaction from Havana Saint in Kilmarnock V St.Johnstone Saturday 30th January   
    Brilliant performance end of story , boys were superb to a man . 
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    rickardo got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in Kilmarnock V St.Johnstone Saturday 30th January   
    Ok but why the Hate for the 3 there ? Bryson is a sort of animal that every good team needs , Conway set up goals and scored one last week and  O’Halloran has fell to bits a wee bit , but do you not think he needs maybe a wee cuddle ? 
    Support the team whoever is on the park no?
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    rickardo reacted to sixties saintee in Kilmarnock V St.Johnstone Saturday 30th January   
    In the words o a famous Saintees Manager One swallow does not make a summer very true about Conway.
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    rickardo reacted to R.B.B:- Adz in St.Johnstone V HIbernian - League Cup semi Final Saturday 23rd Jan   
    Are you on the wind up?
    Guy has done his time, gone off to uni, done his coaching badges. He is an example to kids who have had an adverse childhood that they can still break the cycle they have found themselves in.
    We demand rehabilitation in a broken system and this guy has beaten the odds. You don’t need to like him but you’re views are archaic.
    I actually feel sorry that every interview he does involves a comment on having served time.
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    rickardo reacted to Johnny B in League position   
    You have time enough to read this thread AND comment on it 
    When you retire you do have a lot of time to spare and be careful not to drink tooo much. The dirty woman that is a different story. Plenty here in the summer but very few flights coming in during lockdown. So it is boring old posts
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    rickardo reacted to sixties saintee in League position   
    All have a double then Ricky.
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    rickardo reacted to slf in League position   
    Well said Ricky .
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    rickardo reacted to Radford 72 in Zander   
    Livingston had the second worst performing goalkeeper in the league but look at how their form has rocketed since they replaced him with simply an average keeper. 
    In my opinion, Saints would be up to 12 points better off with.an average goalkeeper, which I think would offer a far truer reflection on our performances this season. 
    Blind loyalty to a massively underperforming goalkeeper from both the management and the support only holds the team back.
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    rickardo reacted to Cagey in January 2021 Transfer Window   
    Not after that miss against United.
    Would be quite happy for him to stay as wing back but not full back.
    If we can get decent money for him though I would be happy to see him go.
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    rickardo reacted to SaintJet in Dundee United v Saints Saturday 9th January - Tayside Derby   
    My mate worked with Derek shunting on the rail and we had a few beers together. He told a great story about a meaningless end of season game where he was asked to throw the game and he would get £20. Can't remember who we were playing - an old first divison game but Derek said he was throwing himself all over the place to try and get out of the way of shots and the ball was hitting him all over his body and Saints ended up winning one nil. He was named man of the match!
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    rickardo reacted to Radford 72 in Zander   
    These are team figures for the percentage of on target shots saved in Premiership this season:
    85% Rangers
    77% Hibernian, St Mirren
    74% Aberdeen, Dundee United
    73% Celtic
    69% Kilmarnock
    68% Motherwell
    66% Ross County
    65% Hamilton Accies
    62% Livingston
    56% St Johnstone
    If our goalkeeper(s) was even performing to the average, given how few shots on target we give up, we'd have conceded around 21 goals, as opposed to 33 goals.
    How many more points does that give us? 
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    rickardo reacted to Abernethy Saint in MOTM Game 29: Dundee United 2 v 2 Saints   
    Wanted to vote for The Shankster, but went for Guy.
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    rickardo got a reaction from R.B.B:- Adz in Zander   
    I agree we need a new keeper , even if. It is for competition.Zander is turning into a bomb scare.Saves very few and when he does do his job we all think he’s a world beater .