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  1. They don't give a toss for the fans, they say the police are alright with this arrangement, I doubt that! Absolute clueless clowns.
  2. Why does Wotherspoon play? We needed a feed for Watt, for example, McMillan, he got nout all first half, we are not good at going forward, as that shite displayed, did their keeper have a save to make? TW, what are your plans for the future of the saints, cos I am totally baffled about team selection, You must have a first eleven. and only change it when necessary, ie injury, suspension etc. but their are some players in there who are not up to scratch at the moment, why no place for Scougall? is a better midfielder than Wotherspoon or Craig that I have seen, but not even on the bench, Tommy, you must tell the fans what is going on behind the scenes, within reason, I undrstand that, but that tonight was poor, and celtic are not great either, they were there for the taking.
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    My adblock plus got rid of it.
  4. Are we allowing County the win? I hope not. maybe Dee are doing the same or is it the same old home form shit that has plagued us all season! It has to change for next season, cos if our home form had matched our away, the top six would have been a doddle!
  5. Not only is he spouting political leanings, which will immediately alienate a hell of a lot of the tartan army, but he is now stating we should stay at the useless Hampden park, I think he should stick to getting a football team on the park and shut his gob!
  6. How many Rangers players are eligible to pull on a Scotland jersey? Cos he will pick them ! Second choice will be Aberdeen players, so see Stevie May soon etc. I am well down about this appointment, as I think it is a total step BACKWARDS by the clowns at SFA.
  7. This is crap! no saints on a Saturday afternoon, WTF do you do then? I can only read about players sunning themselves in warmer climes while I freeze ma balls off. Not happy! LAUGH OUT LOUD
  8. Mark Hughes at Stoke gone after cup defeat!
  9. Clowns in their garb, and probably very few know what they stand for!
  10. Meadowlark Lemon, world famous basketball player with the Harlem Globetrotters. At Muirton in the early sixties!
  11. Wishing all my WAP friends, all the very best, and also Saints!
  12. It would not surprise me as he will have a good career in the media ahead of him! He is bound to be totally fed up at always being injured.
  13. I went to the Cally, 1954 to 58, then Goodlyburn.
  14. We seem able to win against them away, but struggle to beat them here, Why, I wonder, when we are playing some of the best stuff in a few seasons at this stage of the season.
  15. Noticed in the press that Warburton seems, or cannot, praise the opposition for his team not winning. Absolute jock strap IMO.