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  1. Nuggets

    Danny Powell

    sad story about him in today's sun, about how he twice attempting suicide, while mourning his pal Charlie Adams Srn death.
  2. Nuggets

    Johnny King

    R.I.P. Mr Tranmere Rovers and a true legend in Birkenhead.
  3. Was also in the mainstand last night, doing hospital radio and am getting sick fed up of the arsehole who just sits to the right of us, always slacking of McLean, Spoony, Swanson and a couple more, but i can not turn around and tell him to shut the feck up as i don't won't to get into trouble.
  4. Any one travellng to the game against Motherwell this afternoon, if so any chance of getting a lift?
  5. Anyone travelling to the Saints game against Motherwell, at Station Park. If so can i please get a lift?
  6. Anyone traveling to Forfar for this game and if so can i get a lift. Cheers Colin
  7. Cheers Hoodlum, hope that mean you will be listening in to the next one then, where there will be a chance to win a pair of Alan Mannus signed gloves.
  8. Well done Hoodlum, but are we scared to speak on the radio and give out your own name LAUGH OUT LOUD.
  9. Glad to off been part of this pilot show and hopely will kick off big style in January
  10. Went to Craigie Cubs, then on to Methven cubs, then Almondbank Scouts, then Methven scouts and then on to Venture scouts with Methven and also done a year at Duke Of Edinburgh Awards.
  11. At long last work will be starting this week on the hotel, with the scaffholding meant to be going up on wednesday 30th september.
  12. Nuggets

    Half Time

    Got asked this question at work, from a mate who was attending at the hotel. The question is apart from the Hamilton game when was the last time saints where 3-0 up at half time?
  13. The annoying thing about this, if they go ahead and build this, you are still going to have that I-Sore of a junkie den right across the road from it.
  14. This is just a joke, there is no way in a million years he is worth £49 million.
  15. Nuggets

    Andy Murray

    A bit harsh the treatment he was getting on friday on twitter cause he got knocked out in the semi.
  16. Will it just be Killie as Hamilton are meant to be going back to a grass pitch?
  17. Barnes is even worse then Lomas and Adams put together.
  18. Here leave Justin alone you big bully
  19. Nuggets

    Adam Johnson

    Brave move by Sunderland letting him keep playing if he feels up to playing, After being charged with 3 sexual offences of sexual activity with a 15 year old girl.
  20. Things are looking up for the front of the hotel now, as things are starting to move in the right direction, Just need the Council to not knock it back again.
  21. Not a chance in hell of that happening.
  22. Looks like Tranmere are looking for a new Manager again, second time this season.
  23. A nice hard fought 3-2 win against Fir Park Corner. With PSJ going 1 up, then fir park got 2 quick goals. To make it 2-1 at half time. Then 2 goals in the second half gave Saints the win and move them in ot the final of the Scottish cup. Scorers where Dale, Dan with a great freekick and 3rd goal came move the fir park def putiing it in his own net.