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    Nuggets reacted to HOODLUM65 in Fartick v Saints 1/2/17   
    Home safe and sound, thanks to the McDiarmid bus and Donna for the lift.
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    Nuggets reacted to Abernethy Saint in Tuesday Team Talk   
    Look what John Watson, a top, top bloke from Hospital Radio, just delivered!! Absolutely chuffed to bits! Many thanks to John, Alan Mannus, and all of you for writing even crappier limericks than me.

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    Nuggets reacted to Abernethy Saint in Tuesday Team Talk   
    Good one. I was going to do the same if I won the gloves. I'm afraid the shirt is going nowhere except the wall of my pool room!
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    Nuggets reacted to HOODLUM65 in Tuesday Team Talk   
    On receipt of the Alan Mannus gloves (autographed I hope) I intend to donate them to support a local charity for a fundraiser.
    The charity are having a Disco on Saturday in 44 Atholl St.
    The Lighthouse Perth charity are a "Suicide and Self Harm Support Group".
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    Nuggets reacted to sixties saintee in Tuesday Team Talk   
    Did he come on for the last 5 minutes
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    Nuggets reacted to Tranmere Saintee in Johnny King   
    Had the pleasure of watching this guy playing through my boyhood/teenage years, your typical hard as nails wing-half and a fabulous manager. Him and Tranmere were just made for each other, R.I.P. Johnny, at least we have your statue to make sure you are never forgotten.
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    Nuggets got a reaction from nickyg in Saints v Ross County 16/3/16... 7.45pm K-O   
    Was also in the mainstand last night, doing hospital radio and am getting sick fed up of the arsehole who just sits to the right of us, always slacking of McLean, Spoony, Swanson and a couple more, but i can not turn around and tell him to shut the feck up as i don't won't to get into trouble.
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    Nuggets got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in Tuesday Team Talk   
    Cheers Hoodlum, hope that mean you will be listening in to the next one then, where there will be a chance to win a pair of Alan Mannus signed gloves.
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    Nuggets got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in Manifest Destiny - do I have your copy?   
    Well done Hoodlum, but are we scared to speak on the radio and give out your own name LAUGH OUT LOUD.
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    Nuggets reacted to HOODLUM65 in Tuesday Team Talk   
    That's me.!!!
    Beginners luck, first time of tuning in, forgot in my excitement to wish the patients a speedy recovery.
    Also, choice of music was great. Keep up the good work guys and gals.
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    Nuggets reacted to HOODLUM65 in Manifest Destiny - do I have your copy?   
    Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather.!!!
    Just won a copy of the book for answering "who scored the fastest ever goal for Saints in 21 seconds"? on Hospital Radio Perth.
    (fully autographed, no less) 
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    Nuggets reacted to Hospital Radio Perth in Tuesday Team Talk   
    It's back on Tuesday!

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    Nuggets reacted to Shibbydoo in Tuesday Team Talk   
    Great effort - really enjoying listening to Saints Chat and stuff like that! ;-)
    Cant ever remember listening to a Saints focussed HOUR on the airwaves, usually a 2min quick mention for us.
    I hope this is a regular thing, i'll be tuning in for sure!
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    Nuggets reacted to The Real Saints in Tuesday Team Talk   
    Good work, guys! Enjoyed that. I'd be happy to help out in the future if you're ever running short of guest presenters. 
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    Nuggets reacted to dave mc in Saints Development League Thread   
    2-0 up against Dundee Kane with both
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    Nuggets reacted to Kyle in Saints Development League Thread   
    Some set of results for the young lads out on loan this weekend
    Montrose won 3-0 vs Arbroath (Jordan Millar played the 90 minutes)
    Elgin beat the Shire 4-0 (Liam Gordon and Mark Hurst played the 90 minutes, George Hunter came on with 8 minutes to go)
    Peterhead beat Stranraer 4-0 away (Ally Gilchrist played the 90 minutes too)
    Interesting to see how Gareth Rodger gets on in Northern Ireland - he signed for Ballymena United yesterday.
    Very positive to see other clubs putting faith in our academy players. We've got 4 academy graduates in our first team squad, not even including the likes of Craig Thomson, Aaron Comrie and Connor McLaren who are obviously highly thought of and currently doing well in the development squad.
    Fingers crossed the money invested will continue to produce.
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    Nuggets reacted to SWFCOWL in Stevie May   
    Staying with us if his interview today is anything to go by
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    Nuggets reacted to Dave H in Lomas And Adams   
    I'd have Adams ahead of Lomas. Although I'm sure there are 1000s of available managers out there.. what about John Barnes?
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    Nuggets reacted to lethamsaintee in Saints Development League Thread   
    Not a bad game.

    The Dundee United Number 11 was great comedy value.
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    Nuggets reacted to The ghost of Jim Morton in Celtic Write To Sfa   
    Here's the letter...Shamelessly lifted from Face Book
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    Nuggets got a reaction from rickardo in Perth C*sino   
    Will never happen with the current Council being in place, as they are a bunch of Fecking Wnakers.
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    Nuggets reacted to 50yrs a Saint in Brian Graham   
    I know people have slagged him and his ability this season,but he has scored a few vitally important goals! And but for his contibution we may not have made top 6!!! He is no world beater but thank you Brian!!!
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    Nuggets got a reaction from Fair Maid in Queens Hotel   
    Seem strange to me that from now till next year they are fully booked up.
    Like every one else is saying is ring up and find out.
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    Nuggets reacted to Widge in Joma   
    Always used to think Kappa was awful, but recently they've upped their game and being a slim fellow who could wear one. I'd have loved us to use them.
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    Nuggets got a reaction from Al C in Joma   
    Thank god it is not Kappa, as they tops are very tightly made, not good for big people like myself  .