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  1. I could see that coming with Mickey. It as soft but he has charged in a few times. Uphill battle now to get anything out of this. Callum has some decisions to make. I would be thinking of a change or two
  2. Jad


    Anyone got any info on who scored v the Dons today?
  3. I agree with this. We need that extra bit of experience that he would bring, spoke to him a few years ago when he was up in Dundee. He was still playing & it was obvious that his fitness was above our league at that time. If the gaffer thinks he can do a job for a season I’d be happy. Still disappointed that Danny is away, we need someone who can see that pass, make that attacking run
  4. Jad

    Season Tickets

    Phone ticket office
  5. Jad

    Season Tickets

    Had to wait a few minutes but got in fine and renewed within seconds. Actually felt quite excited as it feels like football is coming back! And didn’t ask for discount as I would rather money went to Saints
  6. Jad

    New Manager

    Great news re Callum. Just need to hear officially that Macca is going to be part of the set up and that will make for a good days news. Welcome home Callum
  7. Me too, had to decide not to go for as money tight just now due to lockdown & couldn’t justify the money. Vexed that I couldn’t get one at the time. Hope Saints decide to do a 10 yr anniversary one when that time come around, I might have saved up enough by then !!
  8. Bought my 50/50 tickets & online match programme today. Very easy to do & affordable. Like others have said perhaps Saints could think about doing 50/50 online in the future, could help bring in a few more pennies
  9. Thanks for this. I will be giving something too
  10. Can any of you who have responded to this give me a clue as to how much the options that Saints were suggesting are? Would like to give but funds limited due to work situation
  11. I don’t know where you are getting your info from but Utd have most of their squad signed up already bar one or two fringe/ younger players. They have owners who are willing to pay money for players that they identify as required either as a Premier league club or as a club in championship trying to get up. In my opinion I think Drey will be away somewhere else as if he wanted to stay it surely would have been done by now
  12. Swanson must be out of favour/fallen out with TW. He was implicated in the training row that saw Foster leave. Personally I like Danny as a player, right now I would give him a run of games. Remember the goal that Stevie scored, it was Danny who spotted him making the run & he played a brilliant ball through to him. He said at the time that he thought he could strike up a good partnership with Stevie. Shame that we haven't/aren't likely to see that partnership. Won't get to game as currently in London. We desperately need those points
  13. Actually feeling really depressed about Saints just now, have no enthusiasm about the club just now. Can't even go into work & wind up the Dees as quite frankly we are heading into a dismal place. Things seem to be really broken around McD.
  14. Think Danny will be let go. Disappointed with that but Tommy hasn't had him even on the subs list for ages. I know that this time of year isn't great for Danny, anniversary of his best pals death etc . If you look back at the game where Stevie scored it was Danny's ability to see Stevies run & his perfectly weighted threaded through pass that helped get that goal. He has ability but sadly isn't getting a chance.
  15. Really need these 3 points. COYS! Good to see Liam Craig back on team sheet.