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  1. Anyone who is taking the DD option heard from Zebra Finance yet? Forms went in two weeks ago and thought I would have had something asking for bank details by now?
  2. Second one for me as well. The options towards the bottom start to look more like training gear rather than a match day shirt. We have clearly made a decision on what shirt it will be so lets get a couple of players in them with maybe just the badge on and at least we can get an idea of how it will look. Appreciate a sponsor can make or break a kit but will give us something else to get excited about.
  3. As a fan of both clubs i would love this to be true. Watch a lot of the young Liverpool boys and there are several that could do well up here!!
  4. shiresaint

    Stevie May

    Heard the same but that there may be a clause around number of games he plays.
  5. Good old mob mentality on here as usual. As i said i havent been along for a while so my feelings possibly just down to being very different to what im used to hearing. I wasnt aware it was sung at other grounds and possibly would sound better with more involvement. I agree it does create a bit of an atmosphere in what otherwise would have been silence.
  6. First game in a while last night given i play myself on a Saturday. What is this twist and shout nonsense all about then? Cringeworthy is an understatement!!!
  7. Golf for you and this time im not kidding!!
  8. You do realise it was a football match you were at? Cricket (which im assuming would be more up your street) is more common south of the border. Only kidding. All good banter and wouldnt change a derby for the world!!
  9. "ya prick"!? Not sure that's entirely required!? All I will say is point proven!
  10. A great post Mate! As you said I don't feel saints as a club or as a set of fans should do something. I was basically responding to the original post. If it were to happen tho I know it would be appreciated.
  11. Utter push of the highest order!! A proper report for the first time in 23 years states Fans had no part in what happened and that a combination of factors led to it happening. None of those factors due to the fans. Nothing that any fool on any forum in the world now can say otherwise!! The truth is out and soon will come the justice! JFT96!!
  12. Hillsborough granted finally led to all seated stadiums but was by no means the sole reason. Do you stay seated for ninety minutes!? You ignored my point! Heysel was awful and yes blame correctly was put on Liverpool fans but if 14 people served time, why stop there if there was more guilty parties?? Also do you actually believe they acted without provocation? Hooliganism was rife in football in general and Liverpool fans hadn't forgotten the beatings and stabbings at the hands of Italians the year previous. The more you go on it sounds as though you either follow man utd or some of their fans have your ear. Also as for blood on the shirt! With that sort of nonsense you could get yourself a job with The S*n!!
  13. I didn't start the thread mate and didn't ask for any form of remembrance. Merely suggested an alternative. Difference in this case to others is the lack of truth for 23 years and it being the single biggest injustice in uk history.
  14. Its what we sing on the kop and thats acting against their memory how?? Is or has there ever been a police cover up diverting the blame elsewhere for Heysel? Another ground unfit for purpose! Were witness statements altered? As you said people were punished for their crimes that day! Why is that not justice? Its Something yet to happen for hillsborough!
  15. Did I mention a minutes silence?? I was responding to a suggestion above mate and if you have nothing worth contributing to that then pi$$ off. If you had cared to read my post I suggested it was a victory for football and there will be clubs and fans across the world showing marks of respect. Of course you are one of these idiots that believes we are too good for that! Jog on!
  16. As a supporter of both clubs, this sort of gesture would certainly be something i wholeheartedly agree with and knowing several scousers, it would certainly be something that would be appreciated on Merseyside. To those who say it is nothing to do with our club, i do agree but yesterday wasn't only a victory for Liverpool but more for a victory football and the justice system. It is unfortunate that the game is against Celtic as now doubt they will steal(the same way the did the song itself) any acclaim that would come saints fans way. Can i be the one to suggest that a potentially more fitting gesture for the day would be a simple chant of "Stand up for the 96" or to the same tune, "Justice for the 96". Would also be good if it could be timed at six minutes into our game. JFT96
  17. Perhaps and couldnt blame him if he does. Were him and May not linked with a loan to Dunfermline a few days ago?
  18. Over achieved last season my arse!! Can sixth be classed as an overachievement considering our squad and the fact we had a realistic chance at third for a while!? If anything we underachieved in my opinion. For Lomas to suggest that Steve Brown isnt giving him money for players that he really needs is a joke! We are running with the biggest squad in the SPL and have probably brought in more than ten players! Why havent we brought the players "we really need" by now? Even if it is at the expense of some of our other summer signings. He is the man at fault by giving contracts to players like May, Moon Adams etc and not playing them. I think Lomas is quickly discovering he is out of his depth. Leave now before you embarass yourself further!!
  19. This is second hand info but by all accounts Mooner is understandably not a happy bunny right now!
  20. My bad so it was. Any relation
  21. Daley impressed me at Well, could do worse and Vine could also do us a turn.
  22. John Goddard, know nothing of him other than he is a midfielder and as dave mc says was with Reading.
  23. Just thinking that myself!?