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  1. 4-0 A Trialist(P Cregg poss)
  2. Thanks for the updates Ryan. How does Cregg look as it looks very much like he will be signing? Just looked him up and he is only 26!? Thought he would be older given how long he has been about.
  3. Ha ha. Wrong alround. It was Midge starting apparently!
  4. Like i said forgot about Gary so assuming the above was a mistake
  5. Of course, forgot about him, assumed the miller mentioned above must have been Chris. My bad!
  6. Was going to guess at Cregg but then looked at team again. Only C Davidson and Wright as recognised defenders!!? Where is everyone playing??
  7. Read my post again!!? I said for a pitch alone it would be around £700K. I was merely trying to point to the fact that we would not be spending silly money on an outdoor this and an indoor that. Any facility we build(although the club have still to tell us what it will definitely consist of) will be an indoor pitch at best. To say that i was way off with my pitch estimate isnt entirely accurate on the basis i dont know how much steel/brick etc is likely to cost so didnt debate that. One thing i know is that we will be spending nowhere close to £10M let alone £17M.
  8. For pitch alone i certainly dont believe you would be talking any more than £700K. Remember we have an artificial pitch on the west side of the stadium. Not the best available granted but do you think we would have spent millions on that?? Also unless we build a building where the bricks are gold bars, any facility we build wont come anywhere close to that. Has anyone got any idea of what it will ultimately be like??
  9. Difference being all we really need is an indoor pitch. Taken from the ravenscraig website..... The complex comprises: a football and sports hall (105m x 73m x 18m high at its centre) with 400 spectator seats an athletics hall featuring a track and field event training areas (26.5m x 135m and clear height of 7.4m and 9.7m) central changing rooms and entry area dance studios outdoor football and training pitches interaction zones a strength conditioning area a café a viewing gallery an activity area for children.
  10. Define "moaners" for me Gary?? If your definition is someone who cares about what is happening at their club then i guess i am a fully fledged "moaner". As someone else mentioned, there are amateur teams that have a more informative website than our own. For a team in the SPL that are about to embark on a European adventure after our most successful season in years. You would think club officials would be throwing news and updates at us via our official website, rather than letting us find out through social media. Its nowhere near good enough! Regarding our signings surely we will have them tied down on pre-contracts waiting for their current deals so expire? That way we should be able to announce them agreeing to join?? Clancy to Hibs & Teselaar to Kille two examples?
  11. Would they not have been in pre season training with the rest of our thread bare squad yesterday and today?? On that note, where is the annual Pre season is upon us or First Team Squad Return thread with photographs we usually get!?
  12. What is going on at the club just now? We are getting plenty of updates but nothing of any real interest such as new signings and the new strip! We all know that Tade, Tuffey and Hasselbaink have signed however where is the confirmation?? Is it because we are holding off until their contracts expire with their other clubs? Its been in all the papers so surely something from the club isn't too much to ask. As for the strips, that was the worst unveiling of a new kit that i have ever seen!
  13. Any league re-construction now needs to see a move to a two league structure. A top 20 and a second tier of 22. Really when you consider we have the same number of top flight divisions as England is ludicrous based on the size of our country. Would still mean 38 games and "The Rangers" could start in division two which would probably keep everyone happy. Would mean more promotion and relegation places as well.
  14. Was told recently that the dressing room is lost with several players questioning the manager's decisions. One even questioning his own continued selection despite not performing well. Lomas defiant though and saying if you want to leave, leave. Seems to be happy enough that he can bring in suitable replacements. Interesting summer ahead.
  15. Mannus McKay Ando Crackers Maybs Croft Midge Jody Liam Fran Deek F**K THE SPL, F**K THE SPL, F**K THE SPL!!!!
  16. Try getting as much money as they can for an on form pleyer another team wants even if they dont..? I think most teams would do that. It makes business sense.
  17. Liked the way that the second trialist took his goal. Any idea which one he was??
  18. Simply put.....yes. Has Sandaza been offered a new deal?
  19. Muzz was okay, no better than that. Dont agree with you on Haber for Criagto be honest. We cant be all out attack from midfield, 3 could have been 6 on Saturday if we adopted that mentality. Think i agree with you on Morris, Millar was terrible on Saturday, lost the ball, didnt follow his runner for the first goal, he just wasnt at the races, like him as a player though. Moon is not gash and in actual fact seeing Robertson in there made me appreciate wee Mooner all the more. Our midfield let them dictate and with Mooner zipping about at them i think they would have had much less time on the ball to dictate play. Agreed, looks a lot trimmer then the last time i saw him too!
  20. Definitely more fitting but i believe he has been called Del or Del Boy throughout his career, i've been wrong before though!
  21. Sorry!!? "we have given him" ?????
  22. Not read the full thread so dare i say it....this season has one key likeness to our best year in the SPL and that is the change of manager early doors and that added impetus that brings. There is no reason we shouldnt be aiming high and going for Europe. Remember the new manager will have his eye on one or two that he can bring in to strengthen even further so lets look up the way with optimism instead of backwards?
  23. [url=] Lets hope that this puts them off going in for any of our players, namely Muzz & Sandaza!?