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  1. So when is is the announcement of the renaming of the East Stand to the Geoff Brown Stand!?
  2. Goals galore eh!! Hopefully signals a change in style!? Sexy fitbaw anyone?
  3. Totally swayed for the Main stand now after blueheaven's post and it was in no way facetious! Love the idea of a legends match as well. As long as we dont just let him drift off and dont show our appreciation then whatever happens im all for it!!
  4. I would suggest so, stop being such a t***! Just think it would be a good thing for the fans to push for. East or West doesnt really matter. Suggested the East as thats where the majority sit!?
  5. The East Stand AKA \ The Geoff Brown Stand??
  6. shiresaint


    What happened to Gordon Marshall? Noticed it was Combe at the ICT game.
  7. Yep sure it was under McInnes, lost on pens? Nacho Novo was a male member (SHOCK!!)
  8. Got to be Gary Mac for me. Will have some great contacts and will gain the respect of the dressing room straight away. I think this will be vital in the new manager as i cant see the likes of Jody, Sandaza, Sheridan etc being happy with the likes of Gary Bollan!? He started to do a good job at Villa at the end of last season so i think deserves a chance as his own man. We need either a big name (for us) or someone promoted from within. I would probably be happy with Nick Dasovic though.
  9. The assistant manager is steve wigley who is currently in charge as caretaker. Cant deny that this lokks like both are away though.
  10. They pay their money to so i guess its their choice! No skin off your nose!? Stop moaning!!
  11. According to Sunday Telegraph Fulham lining up £1M bid for Fraser Fyvie of Aberdeen. Just goes to show that if Muzz were to leave we should be looking for more than that in my opinion!?