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  1. …and, an added level of complication is that season ticket holders will need to buy tickets for themselves too this time.
  2. Yep, i deleted this post as the info is really vague/misleading, verging on breach of trading standards!
  3. You cannot be serious. Lucerne is a stunning place.
  4. Why on earth would CD leave a job as manager to go to be no2 at a club which are only marginally (and even then that’s arguable) bigger than Saints? What makes you think he’d get more money? Very strange post.
  5. They get funding from various organisations. Constantly applying for resources for specific projects.
  6. St Johnstone Community Trust wins top award Can't see this mentioned elsewhere, apologies if it is. Congratulations to Atholl Henderson and his team. The work they do is fantastic and this is well deserved recognition.
  7. Poor game, poor coverage. Commentary mikes were useless, gave up and stuck radio on. Camera missed Kane’s and Peterhead goals. BUT we’re through, and United are out!
  8. Never knew she did garden parties in Linlithgow as well as Holyrood. It is a very nice place.
  9. nor is mine - just remember that amazing run
  10. wasn't Spoony more right mid in the cup final? The solo run which ended up with Andy Robertson on his arse was certainly cutting in from the right.
  11. We were on a hiding to nothing in this game. It was a decent performance against a good side. We largely dominated and never looked in real danger. Contrast with last year against Montrose!