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  1. This is a very fair point and of course is one which is being overlooked by Martindale, who's not commented once that Livi got a massive break since Penrice should of been of the pitch for the last half an hour. That's not to say that it wasn't a penalty to them, but if Clancy does his job correctly at all times then they're a man light and probably not playing in the same manner.
  2. He most certainly wasn’t. He was absolutely shocking for most of it and didn’t really deserve the new contract he got!
  3. Absolutely not, you play your strongest team and take it extremely seriously in order to try and stop this losing run. If anything this game possibly decides the Dundee game. If we lose, that's probably it, win, halt the rot and take some semblance of form/confidence from it and use that as a platform.
  4. Once again Steve Brown seems to be taking a lot of stick and flack from people on here, but yet again I struggle to see what he's supposed to have done wrong. He's allowed us to bring in 2 long term targets, plus another on a permanent deal. He's released funds to go and make bids for players, that we feel are fair and what they're worth, every player has a price and if we've made an offer it doesn't mean saints feel it's good business to increase it if rejected. If anyone right now needs to shoulder the blame it's Davidson for being indecisive and not identifying the players we needed quicker. As far as I'm concerned, I don't even think Steve Brown is involved in any of this other than signing contracts and authorising transfer bids. Also the HoR has clearly identified players already, but it's up to Davidson and Boyd to firstly agree to them and secondly sign them, there's a lot of things going wrong with saints at the minute, that cannot be argued, but some of the unjust criticism is over the top and especially in Brown's case as a result of comments/decisions made 3 seasons ago, which it appears he's learnt from.
  5. States lack of mobility as a reason for no rating Bryson, but cites Craig as a replacement. That makes zero sense, since Liam’s legs have totally gone now and all he does is shuttle side to side. I think the guy had a part to play this season in terms of leadership and coaching in the future, but he needs replaced asap as he’s just not reliable any more in a midfield 2.
  6. I love when things go wrong the first person saints fans blame is Steve Brown. In my opinion the only thing he’s done wrong is sell McCann too late in the window. Other than that he’s paid a fee for a player, put wage rises in front of other members of the squad, allowed Davidson to bring in players he’s identified and even given him and extends contract. Hardly his fault that he’s got a manager who is currently unable to get his team playing football, who have issues with injuries and members of the squad who are simply not committed or caring about the team. There’s bigger issues with this saints squad right now to even be casting aspersions at the chairman, right now our issues are stemming on the park, which he can’t control.
  7. Widge

    Fouls Per Card

    I don't disagree with this statement, you're right our players do need to be better at just walking away. However, I can 100% get the frustration this season, given the frankly ridiculous decisions that are being given against us. As fans we're screaming in disbelief at the things that go against us, lets face it this season we've been on the wrong end in the majority of games, but we don't get pulled up for it. It's only natural to have a gripe and a moan at the referee every now and again and I don't blame any of our players given the constant nature of it.
  8. There is literally so much wrong with that statement on so many levels that I’m not even going to bother trying to reason with you.
  9. Won't be at Oriam, Scottish Rugby is based there right now for the internationals.
  10. No, it’s definitely not worth debating.
  11. Widge


    How do any of us know that Zander wasn't a complete shambles at the last Scotland squad. For all we know, he made howler after howler in training and Kelly played to a higher standard. I get the disappointment, but realistically it's not worth getting upset at a coin flip squad position for third choice goalkeeper!
  12. You keep going on about McMann, saints weren’t interested in him once we signed Devine. McMann is a left back and at a push a dodgy left sided centreback, neither of which we needed?
  13. Left sided centrehalves are rarer than hens teeth, Liam Gordon has proved how indispensable he is at the heart of the defence as an “organiser”. Now I think Kerr is an excellent defender who’s quality is almost impossible to replace, but as a position, he’s the easiest.
  14. Who said he was a 10million pound player, he's quite clearly not. That doesn't mean he doesn't have the potential to be one given the hyper inflated English market and the broader access to coaching and exposure he'll get. You're doing this current squad a massive disservice by writing them off the minute they leave, yet you'd be the first to say how brilliant they are if they stay. St Johnstone football club should not be the pinnacle of every young players career, they should always strive to achieve the most they can for themselves. If anything we should be encouraging all these guys who come through the youth system to push themselves and make a name for themselves and to be honest I wouldn't want anyone playing for us who doesn't think they cannot achieve more. I have no doubt Jason Kerr will go on to have a fantastic career down south or wherever it takes him, he'll earn excellent money and get the chance to test himself against even better players. So I wish him luck, thank him for all he's done and I'd say to Wigan, enjoy whilst you can he, much like McCann can go all the way to the top of he keeps improving and learning.
  15. Nobody knows until it happens; however he's been at saints for almost 10 years and has progressed to become a double cup winning captain in that time, I think you've got to be brave and assume or even expect that he'll go on to have a fantastic career at a level far higher than saints (or potentially even Wigan). For me it's 100% worth the incentivised risk.