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  1. You keep going on about McMann, saints weren’t interested in him once we signed Devine. McMann is a left back and at a push a dodgy left sided centreback, neither of which we needed?
  2. Left sided centrehalves are rarer than hens teeth, Liam Gordon has proved how indispensable he is at the heart of the defence as an “organiser”. Now I think Kerr is an excellent defender who’s quality is almost impossible to replace, but as a position, he’s the easiest.
  3. Who said he was a 10million pound player, he's quite clearly not. That doesn't mean he doesn't have the potential to be one given the hyper inflated English market and the broader access to coaching and exposure he'll get. You're doing this current squad a massive disservice by writing them off the minute they leave, yet you'd be the first to say how brilliant they are if they stay. St Johnstone football club should not be the pinnacle of every young players career, they should always strive to achieve the most they can for themselves. If anything we should be encouraging all these guys who come through the youth system to push themselves and make a name for themselves and to be honest I wouldn't want anyone playing for us who doesn't think they cannot achieve more. I have no doubt Jason Kerr will go on to have a fantastic career down south or wherever it takes him, he'll earn excellent money and get the chance to test himself against even better players. So I wish him luck, thank him for all he's done and I'd say to Wigan, enjoy whilst you can he, much like McCann can go all the way to the top of he keeps improving and learning.
  4. Nobody knows until it happens; however he's been at saints for almost 10 years and has progressed to become a double cup winning captain in that time, I think you've got to be brave and assume or even expect that he'll go on to have a fantastic career at a level far higher than saints (or potentially even Wigan). For me it's 100% worth the incentivised risk.
  5. Wigan have a brand new owner who's pulling the club in the right direction again who're seriously going for promotion. The notion that Wigan are a team in admin, who aren't very good is total nonsense. They're looking to bounce back as quickly as possible.
  6. As I said on the other forum. Don't think that's a bad deal actually. Most will look at it as we're losing our captain for £500k, but with less than a year left on his deal, clearly no intention of signing on again and the fact that according to the report the deal could rise, it suggest we've got some decent incentives put into the deal, which hopefully include at least 10% sell on clause. Realistically, that's a lot of money for saints for a player with 10 months on his contract and who's the easiest of the 3 to replace. You're not selling him at a flat rate, you're taking the chance that he's going to improve and show people he's better than League 1 and hence you make sure you get a slice of the fee the next time he moves, etc. He moves for £10mil in 2 years time, you've earned yourself the half million twice over again. I'd say that and performance based clauses are more valuable than the money up front, I'd even go as far to say a lesser amount for more clauses is a better deal.
  7. What list was that exactly? The one where saints take a player on £10K+ a week on loan from a club where we already have a loan player from and therefore can't have another. That list?
  8. I'd have gone for Murray had it not been for the fact that Kane not only scored, but single handidly won half of saints freekicks and once again took so much pressure off the team. That being said, Davidson hasn't played that well for 18 months now and if he can keep it up and bring back the level that saw him linked with moves down south then it'll be like having a new player.
  9. Stupid Messi, hogging the headlines!
  10. You honestly think this thing can be resolved with 1 phone call?
  11. Not to put a downer on the BT thing, but they’ve got that for every Europa League game and nowhere does it say it’s being shown. Until it comes up on the guide, I would avoid buying a pass.
  12. This is far and away my favourite quote/translation - opponent has neither a shot on target or a corner....like a tough team like a Walnut.
  13. I hope not, he's not allowed out of quarantine until tomorrow!
  14. How anyone can watch that match and think McCann struggled with Callachan is beyond me, let alone that the game passed him by. Our midfield and defence was on top for 95% of the match. Yea he got caught on the ball a couple of times, but that’s the first competitive game this season, I’d expect the team to be rusty. Was it his best game, nope. Was he solid once again and in no way shape or form our “weakest” link in midfield, absolutely.
  15. Get that notion right in the bin. The prospect of glory, achievements and the prize money alone should see saints trying everything they can to get these games played and beat the Turks!