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  1. Widge

    Season Tickets

    I used the twitter link below with no problems. https://t.co/PmwIUjVKKd?amp=1 Try that folks if you're struggling.
  2. Widge

    Season Tickets

    I got in within 30 seconds? Literally clicked the link let it load and put in my season ticket number to renew.
  3. His comments are racist, there's no defending that! Has he said them, yes. Has he been on record saying them, yes. Does that make him a racist, yes. Loose comments or not, he has said them on more than one occasion, in fact repeatedly. Have others done the same, possibly and if they'd been caught then they'd be racist as well. If a murderer kills someone, they're a murderer for life. The same applies here. The fact that you're even defending the guy is worrying, it makes me think that you're willing to forgive his character flaw and pass it off as a minor indiscretion. What he did would have seen him sacked from any other job in the world and should have seen him out of the game entirely. Just because he's supposedly learnt doesn't excuse his past and mistakes. Sure he can attend courses and stop doing it, but redemption, not a chance he made comments knowing what they were and that's simply unforgivable, there is no place for it in the world and football at all.
  4. His comments are either racist or their not? There's no grey area here, what he's said is racist, along with the misogynistic, sexist and other poor comments. He hasn't been stitched up by anyone, he said them and as a result he is what he is and has outed himself as being a horrible individual. If he was ever even in the frame at saints, I'd hope the entire fan base told the board to keep looking and we've no interest in hiring known, convicted and thoroughly horrible individuals, which Mackay is.
  5. Widge

    New Manager

    However having Macca as a backup may allow a youngster to go out on loan and play 90 minutes every week, rather than a token 5. I'd want him to keep his playing registration solely due to having him spare if needs must. Plus he's not taking up a playing wage, it's sort of the same as Craig, he's taking coaching and performing a dual role for one wage. I think he's the sort of person who's going to take part in training and stay fit irrespective of playing, that being said he's hardly going to be starting, if playing at all!
  6. I would imagine saints are one of those. Given the amount of space and ground we have access to, it makes sense to open it up if needed. Would be relatively easy to distance, etc. Given the machines are £30k+ use the grant to pay for that, use it for players, staff and others in the community and save the left over for running it. Or you know, use the money to bring in another player, either works.
  7. Not even going to bother repeating myself, except for the fact United already have a DoF in place.
  8. Widge

    New Manager

    4-4-1-1 is essentially another word for 4-4-2 which is what we needed up playing last season. Watch the game against Rangers where May spent a large chunk of the game dropping in and sitting on Ryan Jack in midfield to stop him playing. As for the 3 at the back formation, it’s not going to differ much from what we played this season either. I don’t think Davidson is coming in and reinventing a wheel which was turning ever quickly and fluidly somehow.
  9. Widge

    New Manager

    There was also an interview with Gary Irvine where he said that Dave Mackay had reservations about joining saints because he wasn’t sure he’d play very much. Luckily Irvine wasn’t for at the start of the season and the rest is history, but how things could have been different. Shame Dundee didn’t sell us Griffiths when he wanted to come as well, we could have had the full set of Livi players we wanted.
  10. Widge

    New Manager

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Alan Maybury leaves if the rumours of Maclean are true. He and Liam Craig can run the youth team (if there’s any need for one at the moment, may as well have then training with the main squad). Then leave Clelland as assistant with Craig and Maclean helping on the bench, as I’d imagine they’ll both still be registered to play. Hopefully Craig more so than Maclean!
  11. Not a chance Wright goes to Hearts, or even considers it whilst the Northern Ireland job is still vacant. Plus they're wanting to bring in a DoF, again Wright doesn't want to work under one of them. The best thing about having a read of the Hearts forum, half of them hate him and wouldn't touch him (their loss) the other half seem to think that him and Neil McCann would agree to work together, I mean they're clueless, the pair hate each other! Ohh and apparently he's left us in a financial mess, close to administration and doesn't ever look at youth teams, it's no wonder Hearts fans are so blindly led by Budge, they mostly don't have a clue what goes on outside of Gorgie.
  12. Widge

    New Manager

    But, but, but.......according to people on here saints are doing nothing cause they haven't told us every single detail! It's almost as if the people running the club knew that a manager was needed, who ever would have guessed.
  13. Widge

    New Manager

    I'm looking forward to the players trying out any new system, i.e marking from corners, etc. whilst keeping apart by 2m!
  14. Widge

    New Manager

    That'll be the squad who isn't allowed to even be near each other until next week? I don't get this rush to get someone in, the squad is already in place with coaches who know them and the set ups that work. Even if a new manager has new ideas, they aren't going to be implemented immediately. Plus right now we've probably saved circa £10-15k by not having a manager which right now isn't an insignificant amount. I'd much rather the club focus on keeping us in a good, financial, healthy position and takes their time to get the right manager, than rush into things and appoint another Connelly or Stark just to appease fans who want something to happen now! This apparent need for information and action from the club immediately is ridiculous, given they're probably working with 20% of the normal staff and there's a lot more going on in Scottish football right now to devote their time in telling the fans what Liam Craig had for breakfast. Do I want a manager to have as much time with the squad as possible, sure. Is there maybe someone already lined up and agreed, but not announced, sure. Do I think the players will become amateur and rubbish, forgetting everything they know simply because there isn't someone else shouting at them, absolutely not. We could go into a new season with the squad and coaching staff we have and be fine, simply by playing the same as we did for the second half of last season.
  15. Widge

    Season Tickets

    But saints didn't know about the streaming thing until last week! They had already figured out what they were wanting to do regarding season tickets and all of a sudden this crops up. It's not as simple as changing the form and small print, this is an added complication in all this which has set saints back in releasing information. Again that's not their fault, I'd rather they do it correctly and properly and in the end don't make a hash of things like Celtic have. Motherwell's proposal has the right idea, but they'd already figured their stuff out months ago as they were willing to sell an unknown product to their fans. I don't think any criticism can be levelled at saints for this, in my mind they've 100% done the right thing by waiting and selling an absolute, as opposed to a hypothetical.