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  1. Why would Callum Davidson be looking at a player who's already signed a 2 year deal with Dundee from the start of next season? I look forward to this answer..
  2. We don't have to sign an expensive player from within the league though? In fact I'd be amazed if we signed any current premiership strikers and therefore we aren't going to be "competing" for known quantities. Kane and May can both go if they're wanting a starting wage befitting of a goal scoring striker, neither are that any more. Both are handy players no doubt about it, but neither could finish their dinner. Given we play with 2 strikers regularly as well, we need at least 4 to pick from given injuries and suspensions. I'd much rather we let a couple of them go (they've had their chances and fluffed them consistently) and tried to find a prospect or an unknown quantity in the league. Lets face it, they could be crap and still score the same number of goals that May and Kane have this season. This is what I don't understand a lot of the time with saints fans, we're happy to accept mediocrity at best because we're used to them and are scared that we might actually find better. So what that Kane and May have been good servants for the club, we shouldn't be keeping them around solely for the fact they're good guys and helpful in the dressing room. Give me a big, sulky bugger who'll take huffs constantly if he scores 15 league goals a season. Last time we had one of them was Fran Sandaza and we all know how well that turned out for us.
  3. So you want to retain 3 non-scoring strikers for a squad that desperately needs a new goal scorer because a new player might upset some folk. If the squad is as strong as you think it is, one player with a bad attitude isn't going to disrupt anything, if anything it would be the opposite way round. If there are saints fans who're happy with Kane, Hendry and May as our only strikers next season, then you'd be as well saying you're happy with us not scoring goals.
  4. Does it matter? I don’t need to be a decorator to be able to paint a wall! Even Cagey has gotten this and has spelt it out plain and simple above. You’ve clearly got some agenda revolving around being sacked/redundancy and based on the above comment Robertson too, I’ll be honest I don’t care. I’ve got better things to be doing on a Friday night than argue with someone unwilling to just admit they’re wrong, especially when they’ve been shown clear evidence. So for that reason, I’m out and hopefully this can get back on topic.
  5. First thing on google, literally written in black and white. Thanks for playing, feel free to admit you’re wrong and take your petty agenda with you.
  6. Sacking and being made redundant are totally different things though, so you're still wrong. Sacking implies a misdemeanour or something which means your position is untenable, redundancy is definitely not that.
  7. The fact that saints don’t rely on crowd money for income is precisely the reason we’re going to be hit hard! Saints income will have taken a huge hit from lack of events, conferences, wakes, games of fives. I agree that the club have done really well with coming up with alternative sources of income and the cup win will certainly help massively. However, it doesn’t matter how many pies and food boxes people buy, that will never offset the 6 figure amount the likes of SSE put into the club annually. I guess nobody really knows what is going to happen in the next accounts and I suspect we’ll be better off than most, but every team is running the risk of players leaving since long term expensive contracts are a big gamble. The easiest way around it is to set a minimum price with the player and stick to it. For example if someone wants Jason Kerr, we agree with him that so long as they pay £2mil for example we don’t stand in his way, not that I think Saints are like that.
  8. Widge

    League position

    Except your table is totally wrong since Kilmarnock have played 30 games and Hamilton have 24 points?
  9. Depends on how Ross Sinclair is developing, obviously his playing time was brought to a halt with the lower leagues ceasing, but he must be back training with saints now full time. If he's looking capable of playing if required you'd think they'd promote him to replacement goalie and save on the senior wage, which I'm not against. Would mean little competition for Clark again, but in recent weeks it appears he's maybe screwed the nut and is showing he can be a decent keeper who doesn't make mistakes week in week out like he was.
  10. There's little point in Davidson demanding justice and screaming blue murder. Say it's a red card, say it affected the potential outcome of the game and move on. We're never getting decisions against Rangers, now or in the future.
  11. For what it's worth, Rangers fans think Middleton is better down the middle and central rather than a winger. I think based on where he popped up against Aberdeen, he's actually Spoony's replacement in games who can play wide if required, but is better behind a front 2.
  12. Nice attempt at deflection, you know fine well it was your last sentence, since that’s what you’ve decided to argue. Explain to me why a player who’s never shown anything at Championship level joining Hamilton is bad news for saints? We shouldn’t we concerned with other teams, if we play our game and our players we’re far superior.
  13. Why? He’s absolutely awful and hasn’t even managed to score goals at Championship level. If we’re worrying about Bruce Anderson then somethings gone horribly wrong. Then again I’d never expect a ridiculous over reaction with no basis from you....
  14. I'm not against not signing a big guy up top. The temptation would simply to go long every time and hope that he wins it, I get there was some of that against Aberdeen, but you were playing without the 2 guys in the team who take the ball on the turn and between the lines to link play. I don't want us to become a long ball team, we actually play nice football up until the final third, some of our passing moves this season would never have been seen under Wright. It would also mean a return to the aimless balls into the box which we don't want. I think our strikers would score more goals than they do now (albeit maybe not enough) if we had someone creative in the team, other than Wotherspoon. His output this season has been excellent and it's a bit of a travesty he's not top of the PotY polls, he's been our best player this season easily. If you had his equal or equivalent up top or out wide then you'd end up creating a lot more in and around the box, whilst committing opposition players. None of this team, with the exception of Spoony ever force opposition defenders to actually defend one on one. Hopefully Middleton changes that, but you look at Kane, May, Conway, not one of them ever faces up a defender and runs at them. In this team the only one who regularly does is Shaun Rooney! Let's not get me started on O'Halloran, he can barely stay on his feet these days with nobody around him. So in theory I agree with you last statement, the strikers whilst carrying some of the problem are not in isolation. It's the team behind them that causes them to be ineffective, coupled with their own failings. Would Leigh Griffiths score more goals than the players we have, yes he would. Would he score more as a result of being a better player, rather than a change of style dictated by him, yes I think he would. But even the best strikers in the league would be hampered by what they've got to work with.
  15. Turner is a totally different type of player to McCann from what I’ve seen. He’s more attacking with his choice of passing and his movement with the ball. We’re potentially looking at having to replace Davidson, Craig and Bryson in the summer, so I think a McCann replacement is lower down that list entirely.