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  1. Widge

    Player of year.

    Player of year - Ali McCann. Whatever hasn't been said about the lad isn't worth saying at all. He's been superb and easily our best player, putting a lot of the older heads to shame especially early on in the season. The fact that we've got him signed up on a longer term deal is great work from saints. Young player of year - Technically the correct answer is Ali McCann, but in the interest of fairness I'll give it to Callum Hendry. Simply due to how he's grown as a player and improved from a disastrous spell out on loan last season. He may not be the finished article, but he's good fun to watch and certainly doesn't lack confidence, plus he can finish a football. Best goal - Hendry vs Hamilton. Not taking away from the brilliance of the finish, to take down a cross and slam a half volley into the top corner on your weaker foot; however for sheer importance it has to be, which is why I'm going to keep this simple and say it would win the below category as well. It kick started our season and gave Callum the confidence he needed, plus who doesn't like a striker blasting the ball top bins! Most important goal - As above. Honourable mention to McCann vs Hamilton, Kane vs Motherwell or Wotherspoon vs Kilmarnock. All these goals were important for various reasons and at different stages of the season. Best game - Nobody is going to convince me that the 2-2 vs Hibs in the glorious August sunshine with a last minute equaliser in a game we deserved more from wasn't the best scenes. It may have been early in the season, but it was an excellent advert for Scottish football. 2-2 vs Rangers ran it close, as did the 1-0 vs Celtic in the cup, not for the result, but for the way the players stood up and were counted, a brilliant team performance and on another day who knows, we might have grabbed something and what a fitting way it would have been.
  2. And what about Michael O’Halloran, who’s dad is still a youth coach at Celtic this day?
  3. We already have that in place, Macron was a 2 year deal, so all you’re looking for is a new set of strips. All the training gear will be off the shelf stuff and probably already done. I’d say a couple of weeks to design a kit is probably an acceptable amount of time if they’ve already got templates. Let’s face it you’re only going to need to produce 40/50 strips originally for the players to wear and then the replicas can follow later on once mass produced.
  4. Given the length of time they’ve now potentially got, they really shouldn’t screw this up. Why not ask fans for suggestions or put it to a poll. We’re not going to be playing until at least August, and presumably the production, distribution and manufacturing can happen right now so it’s not already been done.
  5. Problem with using places like Livingston is that they're not really near anyone else and there isn't any parking or decent amenities around (bar the shopping centre, which won't be happy to have folk parking). Falkirk would work since it's just off the motorway, has a big car park out the front as is an astro pitch.
  6. Already been articles that saints are discussing a new deal for Davidson, especially since he hit the number of games required under his contract to trigger an extension, so it'll most likely be at least a years deal.
  7. Widge

    New Manager

    What Hearts want and what they get are two very different things. Tommy isn’t going to be in a rush to get back to football and he certainly isn’t going to take a job before Northern Ireland figure out what they’re doing. if you check the Hearts forum, 3/4 of them hate the man for some reason and would hate him to get the job. Plus there’s not a chance he’d work with Budge at the helm, if he thinks he’s had bust ups with Brown over stuff, she’d drive him insane.
  8. I mean it’s about 10 times that?
  9. All this speculating from fans, journalists and the likes is getting silly, nobody but the man himself knows the truth. It would seem however that Tommy knew he was leaving 6/7/8 months ago, this was always his last season. A lesser man would have quit when we were bottom of the league, but he hauled us to top 6 once again. He had known he wanted to leave before Kirsten Robertson set foot in the door. It was the constantly being away from his family, his friends, his home. The 24/7 nature of the job, he feels it’s a younger mans game and I for one don’t blame him. As Ive said, we got 7 years of the great man, which was 5 years more than we should have gotten and nothing can ever touch or taint that! Had he left for the N.I job immediately then none of this would be an issue or even discussed. He’d merely have gotten his dream job. Things need to change to move forward occasionally, do I think he was the man to continue absolutely, but there’s no saying a new face with fresh ideas won’t be just as good. Take Aberdeen for example, a lot of their fans want change and are getting tired of McInnes, saints never did that, but it doesn’t mean that a new leader won’t bring a period of success as well, or at the very least maintain it. What is saints ultimate goal, the same as it’s always been, avoid relegation. Anything above and beyond that is a blessing. So I’ll say this, thank you Tommy Wright for bringing 7 wonderful years of football to my club and thank you for all the wonderful memories you’ve created. It’s been a hell of a ride and I don’t think any of us would change it for the world. I just hope that you get to come back to McDiarmid Park soon when it’s open again and see just how much the fans loved you and get to see the send off you deserve.
  10. Given he’s been back in Ireland for approaching 2 months now with his family and not on his own, you’ve got to imagine he’s just realised he’s not getting any younger and is wanting to spend more time with them in his home. Plus he’s seen the way things are going in Scottish football, budget cuts and even more tightening of purse strings are inevitable. Especially with our board and thought enough is enough. Not sure anyone actually thought this day would come, but we’ve had 7 glorious years of the man which is about 5 more than we should have had. He’ll always be welcome in Perth and can leave head held high knowing he’s left us in a brilliant position. Good luck whoever has to replace arguably our greatest ever manager.
  11. Skybet paid out on my Raith Rovers & Cove double the day the leagues finishes were announced. Unexpected, but knew there would be others who tried to weasel out of it.
  12. Ohh and I know the website was playing up, so here it is in full.
  13. https://www.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/news/post/club-statement-furloughing-staff Saints statement from today, correct decision. Albeit interesting that we've not furloughed all the players. Guess we've got enough in the bank/budgeted to continue to pay for some of them in the playing budget. From a slightly selfish point of view, by not furloughing some of the playing staff and paying them the same wage, it puts saints in a good light if you're a potential target/agent. Although who the ones not furloughed are and why is anyone guess. If we get to the end of April without a resolution to the league or a clear idea of where it's going, suspect those players will be furloughed as well. Hopefully the next statement about how fans can aid saints and help them is a good one. Cause I suspect there's plenty of fans on here and worldwide who are keen to help in any way they can.
  14. Sorry, missed out the words "sound of mind" and "realistic" from my first sentence.
  15. I'm not sure about Rangers to be honest, they and all their fans know there is no way they're going to catch Celtic and if they vote to stop the season as it is now, they can fall back on the old "tainted" title. It would also allow them to forever say how they graciously let Celtic have that title for the good of the nation and football and as such it's not really a proper title win. If Milne was still in charge of Aberdeen, I'd wager it would have been them and Hearts voting against it, but McCormack seems pretty level headed and is actually looking at the long run for the league, so he may well just accept it. Budge is going to fight this all the way though. That being said if the SPFL get an 11-1 vote for the top league, then that is going to win and rule over anything she tries to do legally. As correct and easy as it sounds to get the clubs to all agree, the reality is there's always liable to be a curveball and it'll fail.