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    League position

    Except your table is totally wrong since Kilmarnock have played 30 games and Hamilton have 24 points?
  2. Depends on how Ross Sinclair is developing, obviously his playing time was brought to a halt with the lower leagues ceasing, but he must be back training with saints now full time. If he's looking capable of playing if required you'd think they'd promote him to replacement goalie and save on the senior wage, which I'm not against. Would mean little competition for Clark again, but in recent weeks it appears he's maybe screwed the nut and is showing he can be a decent keeper who doesn't make mistakes week in week out like he was.
  3. There's little point in Davidson demanding justice and screaming blue murder. Say it's a red card, say it affected the potential outcome of the game and move on. We're never getting decisions against Rangers, now or in the future.
  4. For what it's worth, Rangers fans think Middleton is better down the middle and central rather than a winger. I think based on where he popped up against Aberdeen, he's actually Spoony's replacement in games who can play wide if required, but is better behind a front 2.
  5. Nice attempt at deflection, you know fine well it was your last sentence, since that’s what you’ve decided to argue. Explain to me why a player who’s never shown anything at Championship level joining Hamilton is bad news for saints? We shouldn’t we concerned with other teams, if we play our game and our players we’re far superior.
  6. Why? He’s absolutely awful and hasn’t even managed to score goals at Championship level. If we’re worrying about Bruce Anderson then somethings gone horribly wrong. Then again I’d never expect a ridiculous over reaction with no basis from you....
  7. I'm not against not signing a big guy up top. The temptation would simply to go long every time and hope that he wins it, I get there was some of that against Aberdeen, but you were playing without the 2 guys in the team who take the ball on the turn and between the lines to link play. I don't want us to become a long ball team, we actually play nice football up until the final third, some of our passing moves this season would never have been seen under Wright. It would also mean a return to the aimless balls into the box which we don't want. I think our strikers would score more goals than they do now (albeit maybe not enough) if we had someone creative in the team, other than Wotherspoon. His output this season has been excellent and it's a bit of a travesty he's not top of the PotY polls, he's been our best player this season easily. If you had his equal or equivalent up top or out wide then you'd end up creating a lot more in and around the box, whilst committing opposition players. None of this team, with the exception of Spoony ever force opposition defenders to actually defend one on one. Hopefully Middleton changes that, but you look at Kane, May, Conway, not one of them ever faces up a defender and runs at them. In this team the only one who regularly does is Shaun Rooney! Let's not get me started on O'Halloran, he can barely stay on his feet these days with nobody around him. So in theory I agree with you last statement, the strikers whilst carrying some of the problem are not in isolation. It's the team behind them that causes them to be ineffective, coupled with their own failings. Would Leigh Griffiths score more goals than the players we have, yes he would. Would he score more as a result of being a better player, rather than a change of style dictated by him, yes I think he would. But even the best strikers in the league would be hampered by what they've got to work with.
  8. Turner is a totally different type of player to McCann from what I’ve seen. He’s more attacking with his choice of passing and his movement with the ball. We’re potentially looking at having to replace Davidson, Craig and Bryson in the summer, so I think a McCann replacement is lower down that list entirely.
  9. What do you want saints to be saying. "Yes, we've taken Gilmour on trial, but at present we're not sure if we want to offer him a deal, so please if you're reading this from any other club feel free to nip in there in front of us. Better yet, speak to his agent and he'll let you know exactly what St Johnstone thought about him, so you don't even need to take him on trial, just offer him what he wants." Why are people so obsessed about saints revealing every single bit of transfer dealings. It's almost as if we don't want it in the general media or to the attention of every other club in a bid to get deals over the line!
  10. I'm not saying the back 3 is working all the time, it won't we're at a level where players will make mistakes; however they didn't make any last night and pretty much played the perfect game, United once again had little to no attacking threat as a result. The first goal is all down the the midfield absolutely, but it's once again an individual error, Craig doesn't track the runner. Changing the formation or having an extra midfielder doesn't help matters there, cause he's always Craig's man and the moment he chooses not to go with him a goal is inevitable. The goals we concede on a regular basis are individual errors for me rather than as a result of the system. Yes there are times where if we're better set up and communicate better we don't concede goals, but these have little to do with the shape we play. I can guarantee playing with a back 4 would have the same errors and goals conceded. The likes of Clark, McCart, Rooney, Booth, Craig, etc. have all made individual mistakes leading to goals conceded, these mistakes though have been made at a human/ability level not at a tactical level. If we cut out the individual errors, we keep a lot more clean sheets that's for sure.
  11. Last night in no way could the defence be blamed for the goals conceded. The first goal comes about as the midfield runner comes past Craig who doesn't pick him up, McCart is already dealing with Shankland so has to trust the guys in front of him. The second can't really be attributed to anyone, maybe Booth for losing the ball, but he does it 10 yards inside the attacking half and nobody is expecting that goal. Defensively last night we were fine, main issues came down the right where McCann showed some naivety at playing the position (certainly not his fault).
  12. Naismith isn't on any money at the minute!
  13. Yeah, but if we all went off facts, Cagey would have absolutely nothing to moan about and make a fool of himself over!
  14. The one which bears no relevance to you saying we’ll be lightweight in midfield? Especially since you clearly don’t know the system we’ve been playing all season. Either way, you’re entitled to your opinion, so I’m out of the tactical discussions.
  15. Givens it’s the same formation we’ve played half the season if not more and I can’t think of a single game our midfield has been over ran, what the hell you on about?
  16. Except he's already contracted to saints, why would we let him go on a free?
  17. Not a chance either Tanser or Craig could play Wotherspoon’s role on the left! Ones a defender and the other doesn’t have the pace and legs to do it. Both would be an unmitigated disaster. I think people need to realise that the position only works due to Wotherspoon’s energy and ability. It’s why O’Halloran struggled on the other side, he doesn’t have the game awareness to do it. I’m not against finding a long term replacement though, as Spoony is now the wrong side of 30 and whilst his game never relied on pace, he’s only going to slow down.
  18. The thing with McCann is he’s a once in a generation player. A player that you knew from the moment he got in the team that he’s improve and end up making saints a lot of money. I don’t remember the last player who we had, where we genuinely thought we’d get a 7 figure fee for. Stevie May possibly, but even then he had a lot more hype around him, but strangely wasn’t nearly as good as McCann is at his age. Jason Kerr was always talked about as being able to go on to bigger things and I still believe he will. He’s now showing that he’s actually too good for this league, he’s big, strong, quick and more importantly is now running our defence. People may say it’s Gordon, but look at the number of times Kerr has nailed this defence out. He’s an international quality player right now based on the squad and has finally matured into the excellent defender he always looked like becoming. The only criticism I have is, when he first started player he always looked like scoring goals, not so much now!
  19. Fair enough, seems illogical and very, very pointless given the players we've got available, but that's what he's done!
  20. I'm well aware of that, which I why I'm saying if we were playing a back 5 he would be starting since he's clearly fit.
  21. The simple answer to this, is we can't play the formation if we don't have the players available because of injury. If we were going to play a back 5, then Booth would be playing centreback and Tanser would be wingback.
  22. Guessing it's 4-4-2 today. Big chance for Callum Hendry to play up top with May. Probably the right move to give Tanser a rest and keep Booth match fit, plus he's better defensively in a back 4. I just hope that it's Spoony on the left and O'Halloran on the right, it's the only way it'll work. Suspect McNamara got a knock on Tuesday, think there was at least 1 instance he went down, hopefully a few weeks rest will give him and Kerr the time to recover and get back fighting fit.
  23. I've been keeping track of it this season and out of the 30 predictions (Both Amy Irons and Guest), I've got it as 1 win predicted, 7 draws and 22 losses. It's a miracle that we've got any points at all!!
  24. What are you on about? There was only one team attempting to win that game of football and I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t Motherwell. The system was working and causing then issues, why change it? The space was out wide with the fullbacks due to the wide players coming inside. All 2 up top would have meant, was us going long and losing every ball to Gallagher.
  25. Well done to Ali who’s starting for the full Northern Ireland team tonight. Good luck to him, he’s going to need it based on the state of the rest of the team!!