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  1. Apart from Sandaza what other Spanish players have played a significant part in Saints history?
  2. How many Saints players can you name that came from Spain? To be honest I'm struggling? Apart from Sandaza who have i missed?
  4. Mrs Macs, Bridgend. Half of what's now Londis at Bridgend. she used to stick her filthy hands in the tatties then in the boxes of sweets to fill a bag. Pissed in a bucket in the back too. we spent hours taking bottles of lemonade in the front door for 10p and picking them up again at the back of the shop and again back to the front again round and round. Thug life.
  5. Muirs paper shop where the statues with the pigeons are at the bus stop Main Street.
  6. At the High Scool in the 70's 'Highway Stars' was used as a name for glue sniffers.
  7. Barry definitely a Couper Angus/ Blairgowrie word. along with 'oodnies' for sare guts - 'Ive got sair oodnies after that kebab last Night'. and 'gies a a lier' for 'may I have a light for my cigarette please?'
  8. I'm posting shite at tHis time of night....
  9. Martinique. Climb the volcano and slide back down to the beach. sare arse though?
  10. Hi 

    If still available I'll buy the top pictured banner.

    let me know how to pay.

    thank you


    1. 50yrs a Saint

      50yrs a Saint

      Thanks,  i will check and confirm it is still available, I believe it is. Can you give me name/address and telephone number and once confirmed I will get someone to phone you. Many thanks 


    2. 50yrs a Saint

      50yrs a Saint

      An email address would be good too