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  1. So what's the chances of streaking out the crowd, across the pitch and back in the crowd again
  2. Yes it was a really bad defeat, but the players cant turn it around as at the moment they are lacking in confidence and are not all clearly motivated. Is it because of the negative defensive attitude by DM? Certainly, he has his favourites when he picks the team and some are not given their chance on merit, while others are clearly played out of position, too many in fact. The whole purpose of pre-season is to get fit, match fit, then plan for your season ahead, 3 league games and were looking to fine tune? That does not make sense and if we need a winger/flair player, he should have been brought in by now and not panicked bought, like Sheridan, especially as what is available will now be limited. Del has become dillusional in interviews, he has become tactifully awful and clearly makes the wrong substitutions, so it is clearly time for him to consider a change of location. If you are worried about who could be brought in as a replacement, then think about.. Jim Jeffries, Kevin Ratcliffe, Colin Todd, Chris Sutton, Billy Davies, Mark McGhee, Jimmy Calderwood or Burley. Bring in Nicholl or Moore
  3. The midfield were all playing on the left, the forwards were all playing on the right. He dropped Anderson (who Duberry thought was our best centre-half) but Wright, who is clearly out his depth keeps his place?
  4. Del Must Go Second time we've played against ten men and second time we failed to stretch the team who were down a man. Even the worst manager in your league, knows that against ten men you have to work the wide areas and pull their men all over the park. Craig at left back today cos Davidson was injured, why not play Maybury? As for the penalty, Sandaza looked confident and thats what matters.
  5. I think who we get does not matter really, usually the bigger the team, the tougher the match - the better we play. Its best if we get a wee trip to somewhere we havnae been before, rather than the same countries. My hope is Greece/Germany Russia/Turkey/Slovakia Israel/Bosnia Azerlaijan/Armenia Kazakhstan/Andorra
  6. What a load of pish. The fact he talked to Brentford suggests he knows his future is not at Saints. How enthusiastic will he be going forward if his gamble to wait for a bigger club (Sheff Utd), does not pay off? As for Brown, rightfully waiting on the right compo for his man!
  7. Del Must Go! He Has been found out yet again! 4-5-1, the like for like switch with Robertson?
  8. Points Schaffing - Disgusting!!
  9. What a load of Pish. Why was the photo not taken at the ground?
  10. The future for all Saints Fan, well the moaning ones on here - away games only! Seems all they get excited about, certainly not the club.
  11. If ya dinnae like the idea laddie then dinnae put your name forward it. If you read it again, its clearly says in big words, if someone volunteers, they can get into the game free. From being involved in match days for an amateur club, I know there busy enough. This would only be when there may be any doubt and as a thank you, they get the match for free!! yipee I like the text idea though
  12. Its not a case of making a difference to a certain age group Lark. I am quite sure if a number of PC friendly peeps were aware the game was off then word gets round via texts and calls, then word of mouth and its not gonna be long before everyone knows. We were in Cardiff last year when the Rangers game was called of and oor pal works for BT setting up the sky camera's and he told us as soon as the referee came off the park. First thing we done was text round. The club should ask for a volunteer on match days, to come to the club @ 8am, sit them in from of a PC and they can update the website and any other social site as well. Not a paying job, but say they get into the ground free. They could even do a match report! I would like to nominate 101 Saint for the job, puts him in the firing line! I would suggest ghostie, however, no doubt he has his hands full on the Samaritans line. Sorry to dissapoint you but i'm not 101