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  1. Hopefully Scott McMann of Hamilton wasn’t our replacement target, looks like he’s Dundee United bound….
  2. Katic from Rangers has been rumoured for a while, would take him!
  3. Classic that Aberdeen have bid £500k for Boyle….Hibs getting a taste of their own derisory type offers! :0)
  4. 1 adult 1 concession please if possible?
  5. Any season ticket holder willing to help me and my old man out? I’ll transfer the money to yer bank immediately….
  6. I just made that 1pm bit up as an example of how they could have worked it mate :0(
  7. Probably yes, but as it stands there’s no indication if the online sales will even open up to non season ticket holders, so we’re stuck with a constantly engaged phone line.
  8. “Season ticket holders additional sales between 10am and 1pm, general sale from 1pm” This is how easy it could have been….instead I’ve wasted my morning trying to get through on a clearly under-staffed phone line, still without success!!
  9. Should’ve had a pre-register interest, then they’d have your details and could’ve sped up the process somewhat!
  10. Is that just for ST additional purchases?
  11. Did he not knock back a chance to play for us on loan while still earning his Rangers money? So he’s hardly gonna sign for us is he…..quite frankly he’s obviously choosing money over game time…best forgot about in my opinion!
  12. Vertainen signed by St Mirren….. just kidding ;0)
  13. Hopefully he’s more Mixu-like than Fyhr-like…..hehe! Our transfers from that part of the world haven’t been the greatest….
  14. Thoughts on Cillian Sheridan joining Dundee? Was a great finisher back in the day, had him as being older than 32