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  1. I know a guy, who knows a guy who knows the team line-up already: Enckelman Mackay Duberry Rutkiewicz Stanic Morris Morais Swankie Sheerin Deuchar Holmes All the pace up front....
  2. Does Shetland count to join? technically still in Scotland but doesn't feel like it!
  3. I did actually john, and watched people carry out parts of them at the end of the game!
  4. Second week in a row about a dozen seats broken at the front of the east stand, disgusting behaviour from so called "fans"
  5. Totally disagree that it's ran it's course, it is a bit much to do 2 weeks in a row so there will be no card display at this game.
  6. Make sure you make your way to the far end of the east stand!
  7. Haha cheers....won't be long till i change to Shetland Saint
  8. Doesn't matter if it's 2 people or 20 people, the main point i was getting at is that the official attendance isn't 100% correct
  9. Hospitality isn't included in the normal attendance figure, either is the likes of programme/50-50 sellers/Turnstile attendents and ground staff who all take up seats during the game.
  10. Yeah, three of us on the 12:55 London city to Zurich on thursday
  11. What flight are you on stanley saint?
  12. It looks to me as though banks has stepped back from back up GK and if mannus was to get I injured (touchwood) I would think (hope) that hurst would step into the role. Great keeper for the future!
  13. I'm more concerned as to the players we let go before the summer (cregg, nigel in particular) who could of been kept on if tommy knew he wasn't allowed to sign anyone else. He made it clear from the start of the summer that he wanted more in midfield and up top
  14. Well it's been good while it lasted, time to go back to living within our means