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  1. 1884

    Youth Development

    Don't our old sponsors Bonar supply the fibres for 4G turf? Coolgrass?
  2. 1884

    Youth Development

    The SFA Angus & Perthshire Referees train on the 4G pitch at Perth High School don't they?
  3. The bus will leave McDiarmid Park at 12 noon for Easter Road with the Muirton Suite open from 11am. Phone McDiarmid Park (459090) to book seats or John on 561020 outwith office hours.
  4. The Aberdeen end is all ticket. 1900 in the North stand and a further 1000 in the Main Stand if required. The home end is PATG.
  5. Aberdeen fans are being given the North Stand and the north end of the Main Stand. Their tickets must be purchased in advance.
  6. The Muirton Suite will have still have a few tables for fans wishing to eat pre-match bar lunches and snacks. The brewery are sending technicians in to change the pouring system in order to ensure faster 'pints', thus minimising queues in the Muirton Suite, although this may not be carried out in time for the Aberdeen game on August 18th. Also if fans desire bottled beers/drinks that we don't stock, if we find a majority request them we will endeavour to stock them in the future. Any other suggestions to improve your matchday experience in The Muirton Suite will be taken on board.
  7. The Muirton Suite will be open at 11am on Saturdays for all of St Johnstone FC's home games. It is no longer exclusively for the use of season ticket holders only and children are welcome. We have a new menu offering bar meals, paninis and snacks and a 'Muirton Suite Mini Fans' menu for our younger fans. Pre-booked supporters buses from visiting clubs are welcome too. Sky Sports will be screening live football and the suite will also be open for post-match drinks as usual. See you in The Muirton Suite!
  8. The bus from The Muirton Suite, McDiarmid Park will leave at 12 noon for our first visit to Fir Park this season. To book your seat with us on what's being christened 'Sell Out Saturday' phone McDiarmid Park on 459090 during office hours, or 561020 outwith. Only a few seats remain so book early to avoid disappointment. Your team needs you!! The Muirton Suite will be open from 11am for hot filled rolls and refreshments.
  9. Bus now full. See you all at 11am in The Muirton Suite!
  10. Just think, if the SFA was to buy the Jules Rimet Trophy on eBay Scotland could say they'd won the World Cup...
  11. I suppose that's like you or I buying an Honours Degree Certificate off the internet then. Totally meaningless and worthless.
  12. There's a few of us making the trip to Ashton Gate this season to take in a game. Haven't worked out which game yet though...need to fit it in around our beloved SJFC's fixtures...