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  1. we all can, I contacted them in 1999 about developing a new website with sponsors integration & shop etc free of charge and told me no thanks, still got the same pish online today
  2. too much time spent in Vegas partying....;-)
  3. Agree on this, just wonder where muzz fits in....ahead of Brown when fully fit?? Thought Morgan looked pretty good on his debut
  4. thought he struggled especially at the start - gave the ball away a lot which didn't help, not sure with all midfielders available he should get in the team
  5. Chris Miller had his best game for saints last night, was surprised Wotherspoon did not start though & possibly said before OF decisions by the ref as always - need 3 points Saturday for a good start to the season
  6. went for 6th again based on the squad we have...
  7. 5th & decent cup runs, league cup winners?
  8. good signing...positive move
  9. Rich

    New Strips

    Another pish top, really cheap looking and lack of imagination - I thought the es-es link was just a one-off and as someone already mentioned inappropriate!!! All they needed to do was use the Honduras strips with our badge and get a sponsor - really poor, again!!!!
  10. Might be "skint" but we have a reputation for running our club correctly, would rather be skint than in the middle of an administration battle!
  11. I presume no channels are covering the game? Back to the internet for feeds?
  12. 850k rising to 1.2m in add-on clauses etc, number of Scottish caps, goals scored etc
  13. I agree but more concerned we need to strengthen midfield
  14. Rich

    New Strips

    Is that not the club's job?!?!