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  1. 3 minutes ago, Pat McGroin said:

    It really gets to me though. I can run mine 2 hours a day anywhere with an internet connection. 

    I can see what’s going to happen here far enough. 

    we all can, I contacted them in 1999 about developing a new website with sponsors integration & shop etc free of charge and told me no thanks, still got the same pish online today

  2. 2 minutes ago, Pat McGroin said:

    We might have had years of financial stability but the PR is a shambles. 

    The only thing the club got right behind the scenes was Ross. Media has gone to f**k since he left. You have to think that appointment was probably more luck than anything else. 

    This club is desperate for some young blood and modern thinking behind the scenes. Having a builder and a sparky running the club just isn’t working.

    The Brown’s have done great for the club down the years but I honestly think they’re at the stage that they’re doing as much harm as they are good. 

    I think it would be hard work to f**k things up the way we have this summer. 

    As someone who runs a largely social media based business, I’m honestly close to the point of emailing them and asking if they need some help LAUGH OUT LOUD


  3. I'd start like this (in the circumstance of Mackay being unavailable) -




       Miller - Anderson - Wright - Easton


    Wotherspoon - Brown - Millar - O'Halloran






    Agree on this, just wonder where muzz fits in....ahead of Brown when fully fit?? Thought Morgan looked pretty good on his debut

  4. Another pish top, really cheap looking and lack of imagination - I thought the es-es link was just a one-off and as someone already mentioned inappropriate!!!

    All they needed to do was use the Honduras strips with our badge and get a sponsor - really poor, again!!!!

  5. May, MacLean, O'Halloran, Kane



    Not really that fussed about panicking to buy another striker.  



    Not really fussed about any of the speculation to be honest, I'd rather trust the club that has given us 3 spectacular years on the spin.


    I agree but more concerned we need to strengthen midfield