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  1. Rich

    New Strips

    bit surprised we haven't seen anything yet in terms of the new strips...presume the sponsor is holding it up...?
  2. Rich

    New Strips

    was thinking exactly the same, that would also be a smart away for us
  3. Rich

    Liam Craig

    happy to have him back
  4. my thoughts exactly...
  5. Good point although several clubs use them...the quality is better and in general they are 35-40 quid
  6. Will Joma be making the strips for next season?? Thought their contract was up? Would prefer to have a bigger name like Nike or Adidas would be very smart....
  7. I'll go for drawing a Dutch side...
  8. so if we win tomorrow night then we are confirmed in the group stages or into the draw for another play-off game to then get into the league stage?
  9. you build the forward line around Stevie
  10. same as Rosenburg at home but with Muzz on the bench
  11. the website needs a re-design - minimal costs these days to get a professional looking site
  12. No - Valletta was an option but not Belarus due to cost...;-(
  13. is the game being televised now that we are in the 3rd round...?
  14. 1. Last Night 2. 7-2 against the scum 3. 4-1 Rangers 4. Promotion against Motherwell 5. Signing Steve Maskrey
  15. Ross County captain Richie Brittain has revealed that illness to his wife led to him reneging on a pre-contract deal with St Johnstone. (Various)