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    If Fc Minsk

    4pm our time, 0-0 after 20 mins
  3. Rich

    If Fc Minsk

    there game has just kicked off with Valetta
  4. 1-1 HT, 3-2 Saints FT....200/1...thats me done
  5. Same line up as last week but swap Nigel for May.
  6. never knew he was an Arsenal kid...great interview
  7. Rich


    Roddy is a casual, Roddy is a casual nah nah nah nah..
  8. Miller May Edwards Wotherspoon Dave
  9. here the link to the live stream..
  10. No - keeping money for 3rd round :-)
  11. I'm really not sure what to make of this thread but would like to chip in....For me signing a scumdee player is not really great but I think he's an ok left back and could do well so will give him the benefit of the doubt. Fallon I honestly ain't seen much but i'm willing to wait and see what impact he could make. For me I was concerned more about only 2 friendly games before europe but the physio did say that each player has had there regime to stick to over the summer and he was glad to report a decent level of fitness (we will see Thursday night..) I for one will give Wright a chance and I do wonder how much he actually did last season vs. Lomas in terms of commitment, maybe it was more him?....we will see.
  12. looks like a kids youth club...pathetic.
  13. my new home top arrived today and its a great looking top but my badge seems to be squint...anyone else seeing the same...??
  14. Rich


    I bet we see him in a dons shirt next season...
  15. Great appointment by the Chairman with Wright....not so sure about Callum, would have preferred Alec Cleland as assistant & Callum fill his shoes.
  16. A draw is a good result, win is a bonus
  17. fed up with all the posts about 3 games, are we forgetting the shocking end to last season? Let's get the numptie out now before we face a relegation battle for the season ahead. Anyone disagree? Not interested!!! A forum is for opinions so before someone has a pop have a think.
  18. Lose against Hibs at the weekend & vote of confidence for me (and we know what that means!)
  19. Totally agree, we should have reduced the hight of the stands and filled the corners in. As you say though the main issue is we cannot get enough supporters in the ground to create an atmosphere...