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  1. Rich

    Jody Morris

    I think he's made the wrong decision....Europe this year and the level of football he is playing was a positive for Saints in the SPL but I fear the championship will be a step too far for him at this stage of his career..
  2. that's funny considering he has signed a one deal with Bri:stol City today....
  3. Rich

    Next seasons kit

    Any news on a shirt sponsor as yet?
  4. Fair point, Maybe Tade & May new striking partners...?
  5. If McInnes was still in charge we would be playing in the champions league next season....
  6. He was at Oldham last year and was ok I heard from a season ticket holder. Don't want him back at saints though. A good loan signing for 12 months is the way forward.
  7. Liverpool third strip for me. Addidas always make good strips...
  8. I'm personally really dissapointed with the pre-season fixtures. Yes the season has started early but all teams were aware of that. I was hoping for better opposotion in the games and even looking back to games last season thought that saints looked "off the pace" in comparison to most teams in the SPL. The benefit of playing better opposition may be just semantics in terms of fitness but I would have preferred to see more games against quality say from down south. I watched the Aberdeen game on Alba on Saturday and agree with the comments made by Dave MC in that yes we got a draw but the Aberdeen players looked fresh and lively where we didn't. People may say results matter but we must address the overall fitness of the squad. If you look at good/great teams they have pace and carry it through for 90 mins. A lot of the game today is what you do off the ball to stop the opposition and saints really need to improve in this area or it will be 8th position again.
  9. I put a bet on 3 weeks ago now that McCoist and Mcleish will both be sacked before xmas.
  10. After last night's defeat in the Champions league I'm hoping we beat them on Saturday now and Ally is sacked after 3 games....:-)
  11. 4-3-2-1 going forward, 4-5-1 in defence. Encks Cuptie....Wright....Ando...Davidson Morris.....Muzz.....Miller Haber......Sheridan Sandaza
  12. Rich


    He will sign in the morning and is in Aberdeen, another signing to be announced as well. Probably Imrie.
  13. Yes, I had an XL where last year it was a large and it's a good fit.
  14. still feel we missed out on Gary Teale, could have been a good signing..
  15. What a great day! Swooped for Cillian and Mannus signing too. Happy with that, just need Haber confirmed now.
  16. Mannus leaves Rovers with happy memories....
  17. 1) Pitch stands up to the weather after the issues last season. 2) Top 6 finish 3) All players give 100% to every game, didn't see that from the squad last season. example would be the Motherwell semi-final.
  18. Been a while since this was mentioned and I did here a name has been chosen but not released officially as yet by the club, anyone know anything or submitted any suggestions for content?
  19. I'm going for 1-1. Haber to score late in the game after the defence letting in a stupid goal after 20 mins.....
  20. Rich

    Murray Davidson

    If we 500k or more potentially as part of sell on clauses etc I would let him go
  21. For what it's worth amongest all the rambling's of other posts I think if a student gate would attract more supporters then that's the answer for me....Seems a good idea and something other clubs are doing.
  22. Press saying we missed out on Aaron Doran.