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  1. Owens is that lad from Airdrie, don't know much about him but about to look up his stats
  2. do you recognise the trialists?
  3. I second that, anyone at the game tonight please keep us all updated if you can...
  4. Haber to come in for me in the next few days with maybe another loan signing or 2.
  5. Home top looks great, away is ok a bit diffferent from last season.
  6. bbc reporting the Dons have turned down the offer of signing Nacho Novo....could do a job at our place...knows where the net is at least!
  7. In my opinion he's been lucky to stay at the club for so long due to injuries and yes at times looked good but it's time to move on.
  8. Funny that...have seen both the Aberdeen & Motherwell strips weeks ago on the web....not seen the saints yet.
  9. Am I the only one concerned by the fact that we have cancelled this game when we could have put a team together and in general by the lack of quality opponents pre-season?
  10. The Courier today has quoted our new signing's in an article about Sam and mentions another signing is expected.....presume it's Haber?
  11. Heard lots of people saying Murray will leave....where are you getting this from?
  12. Meant Parkin...long day already!!
  13. Funny, the exact reason I wanted to get 2 strips for the kids....
  14. fran sandaza and Haber up front with back-up options of Higgins & Harkins, would be happy with that...
  16. Ahhhh, didn't think of that! Yep bet your correct!!
  17. twitter quote... "club twitter officially launched tomorrow. Now, wonder what player would be a good one to help do that??!!"
  18. Big announcement tomorrow, anyone care to guess??
  19. Anyone seen Gibson play before?
  20. Agree also, not good enough and NOT 'Top Quality' that I expected anyway...
  22. From a Marketing perspective you may sell more given the time of year and yes I agree with the comments about summer holidays where punters may well want to buy it before hand. Why do think the Chelsea top was on sale to their fans last week of last season?