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  1. I'm convinced my badge is squint on the away top!
  2. Rich

    Goalie needed?

    Main and Smith are poor at times, we need a new goalkeeper or will not improve on last season's performances...
  3. just got my away top delivered by ups, very happy with the quality, anyone know when the 3rd kit is available?
  4. Rich


    I'll take 2nd bottom now, think Del & the boys will have their moments this season...old firm win at home would do me!
  5. I just spoke with surridge sales who confirmed they will NOT provide the new home top without a sponsor and funny enough they have had several calls asking the same..... I'll be buying the black/gold training top this season as that effort is pish.
  6. How can you have a patch on the back - where will the players name be going?
  7. I'm on the phone to surridge asking if I can purchase the home shirt without the sponsor!
  8. oh well - we'll look like donkeys next season, nothing changes with SJFC.
  9. agreed, won't be buying it - pathetic as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I can't see that they could pull out of it now as the website had today's date now for weeks. They must be waiting for the club to release...
  11. This is getting beyond a joke now, when can we see this strip!!!!!
  12. It will most likley be on the main website prior to the surridge sport one.
  13. Surridge are taking the pi** - is it not afternoon already!!!!!!
  14. Just spoke with Sturridge folks who confirmed the new home top will be online this afternoon...away strip not expected until late August!!!
  15. Given that I have not worked it out yet can you share with me who this trialist is?

  16. Has anyone seen the new home shirt or am I getting wound up again with stories that pictures have leaked......?
  17. we needed to sign a left back at least we have done....
  18. let's be honest it ain't going to be anybody that good given that he is available....
  19. Can someone please email/tell me who this striker is, it's driving me mad!!!!