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    Rich got a reaction from Wendy Saints in St Johnstone V Celtic   
    Chris Miller had his best game for saints last night, was surprised Wotherspoon did not start though & possibly said before OF decisions by the ref as always - need 3 points Saturday for a good start to the season
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    Rich got a reaction from Scobby_SJFC in St Johnstone V Celtic   
    Chris Miller had his best game for saints last night, was surprised Wotherspoon did not start though & possibly said before OF decisions by the ref as always - need 3 points Saturday for a good start to the season
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    Rich reacted to Al C in Player contracts and transfers   
    We got about £50k for Scott which was decent enough given his contract ended a couple of months later.
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    Rich reacted to sainties sheep in Who Will You Be Standing There For?   
    I'll be standing for my old man "jim" a life long saint who passed away in "99. Like many others here, he took me to muirton when i was 5, lifted over or crushed inbetween him and the turnstyles to get in. I still have the PA photo of him holding me, sitting on the wall at the edge of the pitch during a game with my legs over the billboards late 60's early 70's. His ashes are in the crem as close to the north stand as you can get. He would've given his right arm for a day like this when he was alive. He will be there in thought and spirit and a little part of him as well, as I still have his scarf which will be coming with me. 15,000 physical supporters in celtic park on 17 May with 45,000 spiritual ones by the looks of this thread.
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    Rich reacted to The Blue Saint in Player contracts and transfers   
    Saints have done their best to kill the feel good factor with every opportunity since the cup win.
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    Rich reacted to TheYellowBox in Player contracts and transfers   
    So just to recap;
    We pissed about getting the season tickets sorted out and probably missed out on a few extra
    Didn't update the website for nearly 2 weeks, despite trying to push the season tickets,
    We took a ridiculous amount of time to get strips sorted, despite ending up with the same sponsor and manufacturer and;
    We can't seem to sign players as our budget isn't sorted out.
    Anyone else slightly concerned?
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    Rich reacted to uphallsaint in New Strips   
    Disney work for me.
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    Rich reacted to outatimecow in New Strips   
    Uninspiring! Should have gone for the Honduras top but in blue with a white V neck collar and surely someone else wants to sponsor us?. At least I'm saving myself 40 quid.
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    Rich reacted to Teamwork in Europa League Draw   
    Local Europe please !!! Holland Belgium France or Germany will do nicely ta
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    Rich reacted to SaintSam1884 in Fixtures   
    Excellent post. You've made many of the same points as me. I wonder if you will be patronised for your age and gender in response?
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    Rich reacted to blueheaven in Fixtures   
    Within a few hours of the English fixtures being announced, I received a load of emails from pretty much every club I’ve ever bought a ticket from. Brentford sent me a list of key home matches to look forward to, along with a reminder that the best way to see them is to buy a season ticket, and a link to buy a season ticket online. I’ve never even been to Brentford.
    I find it incredibly frustrating that Saints do none of this, and haven’t even mentioned the new fixtures on their official website. It’s such a simple thing to do, yet it’s so important. Is there actually a reason why this doesn’t happen?
    The thing that really annoys me is, a year or so down the line, we’ll hear the chairman complaining about attendances not being high enough. Yet, at a time when interest in the club has never been higher, it feels like opportunities are being missed left, right and centre.
    Saints have always seemed reluctant to embrace the internet, and it really is time they got on board with the fact that it’s here to stay and it’s the way people engage with the club these days. The Facebook and Twitter pages have been brilliant recently, but there’s so much more that should be done. We should have an email mailing list, we should have online ticket sales, and we should have had season ticket forms available at point of sale for people when they were buying Cup final tickets. 15,000 people bought tickets for the Cup final – did the club take email addresses from any of them?
    The response from the town around 17th May was fantastic, but it’s a short term buzz and the club needs to do more to maintain the momentum. And I realise we’re a small club with limited staff – but we’re also a successful Premier League-level club that has been happy to give wages to certain surplus players to sit in the stand every week and contribute very little. I’d far rather have seen the wages of Craig Beattie or Rory Fallon, for example, spent on a salary for a skilled media person.
    The club has done so much good recently. It’s such a shame to think that it might not be fully capitalised on.
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    Rich reacted to Abernethy Saint in Foreign Saintees   
    Fallon (NZ).
    Assuming you're employing the widest possible definition of the word "play". 
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    Rich reacted to Aitchy in Long-Term Impact   
    Blueheaven, you are absoloutely spot on that there has never been a better time to support St Johnstone and the clubs profile is at its highest for a long, long time.
    In regards to a long term impact, that will be entirely down to how the club operates on the coming weeks and months. It is imperative that they capitilise on the good buzz around Perthshire and get season ticket applications out as soon as possible. They should send them out to every single person that they have on their supporters database. They should approach the council to see if they can use one of the many empty retails unit in the town centre for the next month. Get all the Scottish Cup Winners merchandise on sale, try and get our new replica tops on sale asap and really push season tickets to everyone that comes in. Ask for volunteers from our support to come forward to deliver season ticket application forms through people doors in Perth itself and the outlying villages and towns. As RyanGordon states on this thread make people aware that they can pay by direct debit etc.
    The club have come forward leaps in bounds in terms of marketing and pushing social media in recent years, however there is still so much that can be done. The season tickets for people who work in the armed forces and emergency services were a great idea, however they need to develop this further and look at offering ticket packages such as buy a ticket for 4 games and you get one free. Not every person can commit to every home game throughout the season and we need to understand that society has changed and people like to have flexibility. It is also so important that the club get the official website updated and have a facility whereby people can purchase tickets for games using debit or credit cards. This would be much better for people who are on monthly pay etc.
    A loyalty card would be good as well, people could join for a small fee, say £10 and that would get them a free scarve. After that everytime they buy something from the souvenir shop, a drink in the Muirton Suite, a pie at the game they get loyalty points. These loyalty points can then be exhanged for something from the souvenir shop or for a match ticket.
    The club need to continue to forge links with Perth and Kinross Council. Its no use just having a board outside McDiarmid advertising who Saints are playing next. We need to have boards on the Glasgow Road, Edinburgh Road, Dunkeld Road etc advertising who we are playing. Allow Campus Sports to continue to sell match tickets. Choose a "School of the Week" - whereby every week a different school would be chosen in Perthshire and all the pupils would get free tickets and a Saints players would be in attendance throughout the week.
    Saints will never get a better opportunity to market the club than they do now. I am realistic to understand that we are not suddenly going to see an extra 5,000 in attendance next season, however we should be aiming to shift at least an extra 750 season tickets. I also understand that there are only so many people who work at St Johnstone and that men like Paul Smith are already worked off their feet, however they need to tap into the passion that fans have for the club and ask them to assist with delivering season ticket applications to epople houses, handing flyers advertsising games out in the City Centre etc. Even from reading on here you can that there are a number of individual who would be willing to assist the club with the skills they have such as developing a database or assisting with improving the official website.
    If any of the current board are reading this, I would urge you not to rest on our laurels. You have all done fantastically well by our club so far, however you are custodians of our club and owe it to the current and future fanbase to build upon the brilliant recent achievements and good feeling around the club to create a legacy which will last long term.
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    Rich reacted to Greylag in Legacy   
    Sorry this is so long, but I think the time is ripe for Saints to reap real long term benefits from the result and the spirit of this weekend and the weeks leading up to the final.  In the last 48 hours three different people who are very irregular visitors to McDiarmid Park have asked me how they can go about buying a season ticket for next season.
    It prompted to think about how the club could use the events to their advantage.  In about 10 minutes I came up with a few ideas that might work.  No doubt everyone has their own ideas, but we know the club monitor the forum and they might just see some of our ideas as worthwhile.
    The club has to have season tickets on sale as soon as possible – maybe even with a £10 discount for those that can produce a cup final ticket (and just accept that virtually everyone will do so!)
    Season tickets should be promoted like the final was – big notices at the ground, posters round the town showing the team with the cup etc.
    The Twitter and Facebook profile that has been so obvious in recent weeks should continue (although it’s accepted that there will be some drop off to account for the reduction of available news)  But there is no question that the club should be looking to produce at least something of real interest every day.
    Since the club could give away match day tickets at little real cost to them then perhaps they should offer prizes on a weekly basis for competitions operated via Twitter or Facebook.
    How about a well-publicised competition to win a pair of season tickets for the best story in less than 500 words about Saints or being a Saints fan, the various entries could be edited and could feature on the website / Facebook or even the programme.  They could feature on podcast or in numerous other ways.
    What about contacting authors / publishers and making efforts to update and republish the various books that have been written about Saints over the years – most are out of print and hard to obtain.   Perhaps even reprint several in similar style covers so that people buy the whole set.
    The anticipated 2013/14 season DVD should be as glossy and professional as possible and should be out in time for those who send Christmas presents abroad.  Wee tasters via Saints TV would help build anticipation.
    Today I met several of the players in the town.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have regular events in the town centre where people could meet the team and the management.  I realise they often do that at McDiarmid – but they are preaching to the converted there – new fans will come from going to the public, not expecting them to come to you.  And we should accept that particularly to the younger supporters Stevie May is the star of the team and Saints should be hammering the various marketing possibilities while he remains with us.
    Lastly and rather incredibly we seem to be the current darlings of the media – now is the time to use them to publicise dynamic initiatives to boost the attendance.  The club need to give them interesting stuff to report or they will revert to their weekly conversation on how few attend the games.
    Celebrations are great (Boy were they great!) but the time is right to push on and reap the benefits of the team’s success.  Legacy!  It’s the word of the week!
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    Rich reacted to montrosesaintee in Pre Season Friendlies   
    Lomas might bring his Millwall side up to Perth......oh.....
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    Rich reacted to Hendo in Tommy Wright   
    For me Tommy Wright is probably the most liked and respected manager we've had since Alex Totten.

    Even with Sturrock there were detractors and he rubbed a few people up the wrong way. Same with McInnes.

    Tommy is a brilliant ambassador for the club and not to shabby a manager either. He has the dressing room, the owners, the press and the fans all onside and speaks very eloquently for the club; you could actually believe he'd been involved in the club all his life.

    Aye OK, he had the bust up with McNamara; but as the DABs proved on Saturday night they go in the huff and will even start fighting amongst themselves when thing don't go their way.

    Where Tommy is better than Alex is his empathy with the club. He knows the chequebook has to stay locked in Brown's drawer and just gets in with it.
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    Rich reacted to wazeroonie in Dundee Utd   
    Had a few 'well dones' on the walk back to the City Centre from Arabs which was classy. One thing I didn't like was the quote from McNamara after the match, "It's easier to stop than to create". Well Jackie, we CREATED two goals- so get it right up ye! LAUGH OUT LOUD.
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    Rich reacted to The ghost of Jim Morton in Good Luck Saints...   
    They are already heroes, they have already won a place on the list of all time great St.Johnstone sides who's achievemnets will never be forgotten, but tonight, these heroes, my heroes and yours, can be elevated to the status of legends. These nights do not come along very often and when they do they are so very special. Lets get up there and give them all the backing we possibly can. Whatever the outcome tonight though, I am proud to say "I am a St.Johnstone supporter". No need for motivational speeches from me. I know that the management and the players will give their very best tonight and with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, the name of St.Johnstone Football Club will be in the draw for the next round tomorrow. Good luck Saints......
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    Rich reacted to Edstar101 in St Johnstone Vs Minsk 8Th August 3Rd Rd   
    You found the grass!! Tell lethamchippie!!
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    Rich reacted to Saint Ziggy Stardust in Europa League Play-Off Round   
    Would love it if we got Spurs. I work with an old North Londoner Spurs fan and he reckons it would be a walk-over but I told him as long as Spurs give a good account of themselves he shouldn't feel any shame in it.
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    Rich reacted to MrBored in Player contracts and transfers   
    We'll need a large squad for the Europa group games.....hopefully
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    Rich reacted to Mike in Ballboy   
    Bellendery of the highest calibre. Glad to see the majority of supporters on their forum are disgusted by it.
    Good on the ballboy, giving it big licks in front of a crowd containing vocal racists was the correct course of action.
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    Rich reacted to lampshade in What Should Saints Spend The £1 Million On ?   
    A hit man for richie brittan
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    Rich got a reaction from David123 in Question For Rowan Vine   
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    Rich reacted to YHallSaint in Question For Rowan Vine