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    New Manager

    Wright to be McPakes assistant.
  2. Gort

    New Manager

    Craig Brewster.
  3. Why change it, nothing in present deal for us. Every other team voted out of self interest. We should vote no.
  4. He won't get many more chances to play for the Dees though, he must have made millions already. He could buy Fintry, where he was seen last week.
  5. Not fussed about May, would much rather get Charlie Adam in. If May gives a hoot about Saints he will go there, if he wants the money it will probably be Dens.
  6. He caused a problem at our second admin, some will never forget it. Its history so if McIntyre wants him I am not bothered.
  7. Ten years experience, a title and a cup, bring it on. Not bothered about Dodds but some are foaming at the mouth . If they work better together then so be it. I remember when Jim McLean left us to join United, McIntyreplayed for those lepers but give the kid a chance.
  8. He might be on the phone to Dens to offer his services.
  9. Arsene Wenger to be unveiled tomorrow.
  10. No threat whatsoever up front, could be McCanns last game next week. Played and lost to the two Saints teams already, embarrassing stuff.
  11. Was being serious, Dens and Tannadice aren't in good areas and pretty worthless. Christ knows where thever Yanks are getting £20 million to move to Dryburgh. Ludicrous idea.
  12. Prob ably £2 million, the ground is barely worth anything and the players are basically all journeymen. Hamilton would be worth more.
  13. We badly need a striker and a right back, all this shadow boxing football is getting us nowhere. We should have went for the jugular. The little dribbler of Saints is good, wouldn't mind us pinching him. Wish we could play Saints every week.
  14. The game was too one sided and over by half time but surely Saturday afternoon was a better idea.
  15. Will be there tomorrow, a day out on the drink, Bee Bar, John Moirs Bar, change of scenery from the top of the Hilltown.
  16. Folly, wish we could play yous every week.
  17. Splinter group, they got 4 million votes . No party in Scotland could dream of that. It is baffling why the Scottish people vote for the tartan tories, the SNP, those lunatics are servile sycophants to the dying EU.
  18. Sunday mid day, at least its not a Friday night again. Bee bar for a few pints.
  19. One trophy in over 100 years is hardly worth mumbling about.
  20. We have better replacements, sadly Saints don't seem to . We will finish above Saints, nothing less is acceptable.
  21. We could buy Saints forward line now, decent cover if Loy or Wighton get injured.
  22. Two teams were after him but he couldn't agree terms with Man City, so Oxford it is. The £700k should be spent on two full backs, the glaring weaknesses in the team. Time for Loy and Wighton up front as a duo, with Stewart and co supporting. Top three a harder task now.
  23. Is anyone seriously suggesting we get rid of them whilst China and Russia etc have them, saving £200 billion is no good if the country is radio-active. One bomb hitting London alone would cause £200 billion damage in about 20 seconds, also 5 million dead. The money would be spent on aircraft carriers, tanks and other weapons if the nuclear weapons were scrapped, not on bairns and foodbanks as some believe. Do you think the Yanks would have bombed the Japs if the Japs could have sent nuclear weapons to the Yanks west coast, almost certainly not. Fair enough, if EVERYONE gets rid of them then fine, but not the UK on it's own.