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  1. Dave, I think he got hacked off at always being replaced by someone on loan, something that he never got the chance to do as he was always on the bench. Any keeper needs to get a good run of games but Blackie never seemed to be thought of as a No1 and got replaced soonest. At least he's getting a regular game now down at Strathspeys Thistle. Maybe a season or 2 in the Highland League can get him another senior chance.
  2. Good result for Dave, but in truth Albion were very lucky to win that game. Elgin should have had the game dead and buried before halftime and then the Elgin keeper is getting into the Christmas spirit a few weeks early by giving away all 3 goals.
  3. No surprise really considering the kickings he's getting week in week out. Had to snap sometime.
  4. Only Shaughnessy and Lappin, and to a certain degree Davidson were worth pass marks. Far too many looked so off the pace in a game that should have had no need for any sort of motivation. Summer transfer window will be interesting.
  5. Just got 2 tickets from McDiarmid. Wife phoned on off chance and 2 had been returned. Worth a try. Don't ask, don't get. COYS!
  6. Can't help but wonder how long before someone gives him an absolute kicking. Totally wasted at this level, as can be seen with the way he torments opposition players and winds them up. Great save from Hurst before Elgin made it safe in stoppage time.
  7. Ah, so that's where the huge roar came from in the stand at halftime.
  8. Dylan Easton, man of the match for Elgin yesterday. Completely wasted playing at that level, but should certainly help City toward play-offs this season. Jim Weir and Gavin Price are putting together a pretty good side. Yesterday was probably the best team performance I've seen in the bottom tier for few seasons. All 3 Saints loanees are playing their part.
  9. Looking forward to a 'home' game tomorrow. Hope it's a decent day for all those travelling north. Remember and leave a bit of time for the roadworks just south of Aviemore.
  10. Cracking goal from Ritchie, but doesn't hide the fact that Strachan doesn't have a clue. How so many of those he picks get in I have no idea. Scotland need a coach who picks the best available and not has beens and never should bes.
  11. Thank God that wasn't a must win match...
  12. Strachan still going for 0-0 by the looks of it. Oh, what's that we're 1 behind. When did that happen... Does Strachan have a plan B?
  13. Muzz. Put in a good shift unlike some of the others today.
  14. Looking forward to going along to see 'real' football again; Elgin v Stirling Albion later today.
  15. Hi, Thanks to all who offered to help out. We've managed to get sorted out for Thursday, but really appreciate the help from the forum. Just another example of what a great team we support that folk who don't know others are willing to help out. Many thanks again. Al
  16. Wife and me are coming down from Elgin by train to attend daughters graduation in Edinburgh on 10/7. As it happens to coincide with the home game with Alashkert on 9/7 we're planning on going up from Edinburgh to Perth, and hope to get the last train back at 22.43. If the game happens to go to extra time, and pens this would be cutting it fine to get down to the station in time. Is there anyone planning on coming up from Edinburgh that would have a couple of spare seats in a car or bus going back from the game if needed? More than happy to share costs. Thanks
  17. We all dream of Europe in July, again
  18. Looking forward to this one, and then coming down on Saturday. I think we have to put out a side looking to win rather than not lose. Got to be 2 up front and play it fast and not let County dictate it.
  19. 2 mins. Pen to Bayern and a red for Shakhtar. Replay would suggest no contact.
  20. Also playing at Elgin tonight was Keigan Parker. Sad to say that this looks a level too high for him now.
  21. Watched Gilchrist and Thomson on Saturday at Elgin. Gilchrist looked comfortable at this level. Thomson was outstanding. His pace was electric and always willing to go beyond the full back. Voted Man of the Match by the sponsors.