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  1. Tried 3 times to get through this afternoon went to voice mail each time.
  2. We probably wouldn't play them.
  3. Also most o them as technically just not good enough Bourne out by looking at the other games they are light years ahead o us.
  4. Gentleman's word is his bond, but Hoodlum will say hes no gentleman.
  5. Him McT and O Donnell Hanley should be know where near the team.
  6. Hoodlum and the pack is one sentence I thought I would never see, from what I know and heard he was more a hard man on the pitch, as for the rest no comment from the Sally to the Strand.
  7. Never thought about that more the pity
  8. Book me a seat on the bus please.Hopefully mare than 1 bus.
  9. Hoodlum dust aff your wallet am upfront this ane. Wanted Ross away should take a big crowd wae us.
  10. Agree 100 % butknow one listen yo us, think Clarke will go after Euros, will they go for Calumn though.
  11. Or the results in between Smarmy.Go easy on Hoodlum he is getting on a bit unlike ma self.
  12. Mon Hoodlum that's 2.0 tae Smarmy letting Saints down.
  13. Believed there own hype, thought they would just turn up and stroll it.
  14. Get back in your igloo.