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  1. Have a look at Beatsons comments on Wap archive
  2. Boots or Max Speilman will transfer them for you around £ 20.
  3. Aye the young anes they have seen the best . We know we have.
  4. Stick by my point South Inch, My recollection is Taylor did hoof it up the park, Went over Keepers head, press at it even back then saying og, Hoodlum dosent no what day it is normally.
  5. Blueheaven, i know its no the banter page but lighten up mate.
  6. Bill Taylor if memories serves righly against Third Lanark??, Was not at the match but listening to the game on hospital radio as the auld man had been knocked off his bike and broke his leg,
  7. LAUGH OUT LOUD your as bad as Hoodlum
  8. Integrity, they would not know how to even spell it. Knew you would not waste the porridge.
  9. Hearts deserve to be relegated Technically, tell you what if they do start the leagues up and play them to the full bet you £ 200 they will still win the titles.You up for it then.