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  1. Dont pay much attention to other teams Random, as dont get that much news down here thought bye bye knew something.
  2. Mellon was a good journeyman footballer did a no bad job Managing wae Shrewsbury before getting the Tranmere job.
  3. Frustrating we dominate but apart from last week we just dont take our chances if we had we would be round about 3 rd.
  4. Done , funnily enough was in my local Currys yesterday and your Cup Final song came on.
  5. Sad to hear Jim passed away in Canada if memory serves right he had 3 stints wae Saints and made us quite a bit o money Rip Jim .
  6. Hope your no regretting that statement about Stevie Saturday
  7. Welcome back Smarmy, you just might be glad your not meeting up wae your friends after the doing you will get.
  8. I will Pm you, bet he cant say if Baird played.
  9. Andrew Steeves sent off for Montrose.
  10. Still waiting on the investigation last time round Spfl need to get there act together but i wont hold ma breath.
  11. Hate playing this mob, sneaky 1.0 to us.