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  1. So it's all about the tics and there hectic fixture schedule
  2. Wolves miss penalty, Goalie feet off line , two defenders encroach into box as penalty taken one heads it away and Var officials did not see it.. crap.
  3. Watching Wolves v Seville, what a boring non entities are Ian Darke an Robbie Savage the commentary is banale
  4. Hear the Scottish Government looking to pause the season , hammer the bastards
  5. Cannae be any worse than last year
  6. Watching Sportscene glossed over again basically lessons have been learned, not one word about Saints treatment.
  7. The gang o 8 have issued a half hearted apology, no mention of Saints and our fans.
  8. Spfl say they MAY take action against the Dons, feckin right they should, if that had been Saints we would have been hammered
  9. The the laid Bayer ( see what i did there Hoodlum)
  10. Told you vast majority is boring, even the highlights on Motd, which I also stopped watching, Saintees aw the way